Caturday Art

 We think the Sultry Sapphire Kit really brings out Fenris' eyes.

Mommy made this for someones birthday, we thought it turned out nice.

She made this for a challenge. Apparently Capricorns are supposed to be all about work and their colors are black, dark blue and dark red. Garnets are the birthstone for February and Carnations are the flower.

Then we colored some pictures for you. This is an app on Mommy's phone that allows us to color things on the phone.

Fenris says it is a pity that Mommy has NEVER once offered to share an ice cream cone with him.



  1. Oh yes that frame for Fenris really does bring out those beautiful blue eyes. We hope things are warming up for you now.

  2. Like your caturday art especially of Fenris.

  3. All of the art is lovely, and that frame really suits Fenris.

  4. All of the art is lovely. And Fenris is beautiful in that frame.
    Yael from

  5. Beautiful art as always!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  6. Your mom is very creative. Great art!

  7. Everything looks very colorful and we love the frames and yes, it matches Fenris'eyes too..amazing! Extra Pawkisses :) <3

  8. Fenris looks stunning in that frame! Nice art, all of them!


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