Caturday Art

Scylla made this card for Brian, they have been a couple for a very long time, but he still makes Scylla's heart flutter.

The kittens are still unattached. Yin is a prim and proper lady who enjoys taking care of her home and family. Chimera is a wild hellion who is always looking for adventure, and Yang just wants to be loved, with his repertoire of amusing expressions he is sure to keep you laughing.

Mommy made these pages for a challenge. Mommy is an Aquarius, Eldest Boy is a Pisces even though they are both born in February.

Grand Boy will be either an Aquarius or a Pisces depending on when he is born. Mommy is looking forward to meeting him.

Then we colored some pages keeping with the water theme.



  1. We are getting hungry for fish after looking at all your artwork today. BOL!

  2. WOW...We bet you heard Mama squeeing all the way across the country! She just loves mermaids!!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  3. Amazing Caturday Artwork!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. Beautiful art. Your mom is great at coloring.

  5. How beautiful!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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