Scylla Sunday (Plus Chimera & Yang)

Well if you insist I'll do my Scylla Sunday post.  But you do realize I WAS sleeping. And I guess this will have to do for a selfie.

 We are so TIRED of the Rain, it rained all summer, all fall and now all winter.

When Chimera can't go out and play she gets the wiggles.

 We thought you might like to see where we write the blog. Daddy got Mommy this new desk for their anniversary in June. It is very spacious it has room for all of us to lay on it. I like to get behind the monitor.

 This is Yin's spot.

And Chimera usually sits in Mommy's lap. Yang likes to get on the top shelf and knock everything off. These pictures were taken right after Mommy got her desk and it's probably the last time it was CLEAN. ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. That is a very neat workstation. It's good that there's room for lots of kitties while your mom is writing. I am sure you all inspire her a lot!

    Love and licks,

  2. We giggled when you said the office picture was taken when the new desk was set up and that was the last time it was clean :)
    Our mum's desk is far from clean. There are always papers and books on it and often julie ;)
    Happy Sunday Scylla.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. How cool that you kitties have that desk for hanging out with your human!

  4. You have rain and we have snow. We like your mom's desk but it must be difficult to work with all you kitties laying all over the desk.

  5. Great selfies from you all, and yes, too am fed up of the wind rain and snow, all of which to varying degrees are happening right now. MOL, yes mine was nice and clean right up until Mrs Hudson took over, now I can't find anything let alone get a spot to nap on. On the plus side I get to dictate more as a result!
    Toodle pips and purrs

  6. Here's hoping you have some sun spots soon!
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  7. What a nice workstation ! We hope you'll get some sun soon ! Purrs

  8. wow your work area is impeccably tidy! Sooo clean and neat! LOVED the kitty photos!

  9. Great desk. A lot cleaner than MINE.
    Love, Loulou

  10. Very cute selfies. We are lacking in sun too.

  11. That is a lovely desk. Hope you get some sun soon!

  12. On Friday, while stuck home due to a day-long snowstorm, I worked using the cat's beddy table! It was the best place to work, and be able to hide all cords so some kitties wouldn't mess with them. CB still walked across the keyboard a few times, though.

  13. This is a lovely desk space for you. Your space!! Hurrah!!

    Happy Sunday Selfie.


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