Talking on Thursday

Well hello there, I started my day with a wrestling match with Yang. Not sure WHY this woke the Mom up but it did. She didn't mind as we had let her sleep very late (see the SUN is way up in the sky) and thought we were cute so she took a picture of the stare down. Yang gets distracted when Mom gets the camera out so I won the stare down.

The EvilBot can't get me under the couch, but I can keep an eye on it.

You has to watch it because it will eat your toy balls.

Yang is hanging around looking handsome.

Chimera, reporting for ATCAD with some help from her brother Yang.


  1. Sometimes Binga will bite my human to wake her up - but usually my human tries to hide from her! She would love to have playing kitties wake her up instead.

  2. You are nice to let your mom sleep in a little. Walter always makes sure we are up by 8am. Our mom wishes he would let us sleep a little longer. Instead of being scared of the vacuum bot maybe you could go for a ride on it like the YouTube kitties do?

  3. They do like to eat toys, don't they?

  4. A bit of a stare down, or some whappy paws, is a good thing!

  5. Chimera, Yang IS very handsome and YOU are very beautiful!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. What a fun(and busy) morning you and Yang are having, Chimera!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  7. Luckily my momma wuz up dis morning - Angelique and Crockett's mommas slept WAY in!

  8. My cats finally learned to not to wake me up too early ;) I'm just feeding them around 6am and I'm going back to bed when I can :)
    Usually they love to come to me to sleep with me after their breakfast. I feel grateful with them :)
    But they know that I always have a time for them, they feel safe with me and I feel important with them.

  9. I used to have fun wrassling with I just wrassle with my tail sometimes, MOL!!! Oh, and a smacky whapping to Dalton betimes, too:)


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