Funny Friday

 Yin tells the best jokes.

 She is very funny, I am rolling on the ground laughing at her latest wisecrack.

 Yin is my best friend. Me and her hang out together a lot. She hangs out with me even more than Fenris does.

 She loves to be outside and she is very good about staying in the backyard with me.

 We have lots of fun together. Daddy has to sweep up the leaves from last fall, and then cut grass. The humans are also working on a remodel so he is taking the laminate out of the utility room, kitchen, dining room and entryway and the laminate that was under it (that is the really hard part) up. They are going to have tile installed. Anyway Mommy said we may not be able to visit much, and that we may completely disappear from the Internet from a few days, so we didn't want you to worry about us.

Mommy read this interesting book about Mississippi Geology. Mommy actually went here, it's in Meridian and you could find shark teeth. Yep, once Mississippi was under water. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD on Fenris Friday. Fen apologizes for being AWOL.


  1. Wow, it sounds like that remodel is going to be a big job!

  2. Wow, new tile and shark teeth! You live an exciting life, little doggy.

  3. Yin sounds like a really fun cat, Tuiren! Michigan once was part of a big coral reef, and our state rock is called Petoskey, which is fossilized coral. Way back, before the glaciers moved down from the North.

  4. How wonderful you and Yin enjoy each other so much! Is surprising how much of the USA was under water at some point in time. Your daddy should do what my father did with leaves: he just mowed them. He said they will compost and give back to the soil.

  5. I hope the remodel goes smoothly.

  6. Oh Tuiren you sure look like you are having a great time rolling in the grass. We sure wish we had grass growing up here. The snow is finally gone but after all our rain our yard is just a muddy mess so we can't even go out to play. Good luck with the remodel stuff. There will be lots of noises to bark at we're sure.

  7. Tuiren, you forgot to tell US the joke so we could join you in the laughter!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Good luck on all the remodeling!!

  9. Remodel jobs are a pain...but at least when they are done it will be worth it.
    You looked great rolling, Tuiren, and Yin is placid to just watch your antics. Does she ever imitate you?


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