Tuiren Tuesday It's All ME!!!!!

Every single solitary picture is of ME. Mom loves this picture she says I look happy. Well I am I love going on walks.

 Mommy's phone is silly it gave us an award for our walk.

 And drew our path. We kinda confused it cause we have to walk around the pond.

I think a cat is hiding in the wildflowers.

 Chimera, why don't you come out and walk with us.

She likes to hide, you never see her when she is OUTSIDE.

 After our walk Mommy promised to feed us. I was waiting patiently by my food bowl, but Mommy got side tracked with taking pictures.

 Really Mom you have taken enough pictures, I want to EAT NOW!!!! ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Oh Tuiren you look so happy in that first picture. I have to say you look a bit unhappy in the last picture while you wait for your meal. Thanks for posting all these pictures of yourself. I may have my mom print that first picture for me so I can stare at it all day.



  2. Great job on your Walk Tuiren. You look great. I think your Mommy should've fed you first then she can take more pictures.

  3. I see you don't comment on Google Blogs. I don't have a Google+ Blog just a Google+ profile. I have 2 Wordpress Blogs Sorry I didn't realize I could comment my URl. My WordPress Blogs are: and .Please comment back on both of my comments.

  4. That's funny, that your human's phone recorded your 6 minute walk!

  5. What a big smile ! You do look happy indeed ! Purrs

  6. Those are some very special photos of you, Tuiren - what a beautiful happy smile!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Timber, and Misty

  7. Your smile is infectious and delightful, Tuiren!
    Sorry that it made your Mom distracted so that you had to wait for your bowl to be filled.


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