Tuiren Tuesday

Fenris is photo-bombing me. Obviously this is suppose to be a picture of ME, but Fenris is blocking your view.

There that is better. I don't mind Fenris being in the picture with me. I like hanging out with my brother although I bet all you notice now is HIS TONGUE. Yes, Fen can touch his nose with his tongue, can you?

We are bummed because our walks in July got interrupted by this thing called a VACATION.

Mrs Tammy went on vacation to Cabo, so Mommy didn't go walking. She just sat at home enjoying the pictures Mrs Tammy posted and living vicariously. We would have liked to go walking. And last week Mommy was very very rude. She cheated on us and Mrs Tammy she went walking with some visiting family and their dog Owen, she could have brought us but did she????? NO me and Fenris got left at home.

Humans can be very rude. And she didn't even have a good excuse. I mean we know she went to the dentist and got her teeth cleaned and WE really didn't want to go THERE with her. I mean what if they had grabbed us and tried to clean OUR TEETH!!!!!!!! But there was no reason she couldn't have come up to the house and collected us before heading out for her walk.

Fenris agrees with me, but she gave us treats and he forgave her.

I on the other hand intend to hold a grudge.

Although I have forgive Mrs Tammy cause she brought us a cute kitty. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. That is a very cute Cabo kitty!

  2. the kitty is cute!!!! and I bet a lot of your readers will try to touch their noses with da tongue now... like the mama... but she failed ;O)))

  3. That kitty looks like CHOCOLATE...was it chocolate? I don't think so....

  4. Hey Tuiren, the Cabo kitty is supurr cute!

    Bestest purrs

    Basil & co xox

  5. Nope, can't touch my nose with my tongue...and I LOL'd just trying!

  6. Hey Fenris! Get out of the way so I can see Tuiren. Of course Millie doesn't mind seeing you. We can't believe your mom cheated on you with another dog. That just isn't right.

  7. We understand it is Tuiren Tuesday, but we missed Fenris Friday last week, so we got a double the fun post with both of you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Those Mamas....I suppose we gotta love them even when they cheat on us!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  9. That kitty is really cute ! Purrs

  10. The kitty is great but not sure it replaces walks!

  11. Sometimes, I Dalton get cheated on too...sheesh, I thought I was her special pup...

    Good to see that Fenris moved over so that we could get a good view of you, Tuiren.


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