Calico Tuesday with Chimera

I love Spring and I especially love being outside so I find it very annoying the humans don't allow me out when the remodeling "people" are here. Not that there are that many of them or they are here that often as Daddy is doing most of the work himself.

But still they are cutting in on my OUTSIDE time, and it's so NOISY in the house, really. I am spending a lot of time UNDER THE BED.

Mommy is constantly moving stuff around, even our food bowls and water dishes have been moved. It's enough to make me contemplate jumping off the Jungle Gym.

I guess it really is too far to jump. Did you squeal??? Mommy did, she says I am a daredevil.

I wonder if I could Jump all the way to the Porch Roof.

Probably not, it's rather a long way. You should see the squirrels jumping from tree to tree though, they almost look like they are flying. I have thought about following them but they seem to be lighter than I am.

~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. How funny that you are so adventurous, yet you still hide under the bed from the noisy workers!

  2. We know what a pain it is when your pawrents are remodeling the house. Don't worry because it won't last forever and you will have your freedom back.

  3. Wow Chimera, you do have a lot going on! We sure hope the remodel is done soon!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  4. You sort of blend right into that tree foliage!

  5. I would be UTB too if my den was filled with strangers and noise.


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