Mancat Monday

I am King of the Jungle (Gym that is) here me ROAR!

Life with me is never a Bore.

But sometimes I do Snore. OK, I am through being silly. For some reason the holes Tuiren and Fenris dig next to the porch annoy the humans but they make GREAT sleeping spots.  They are comfy and warm in winter and cool in summer and there is even GRASS to enjoy. What more could a mancat want.

Now I have been told my ass is getting FAT, so I am going to work out on the Jungle Gym. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Who told you that insulting thing about your behind, Yang? That was rude!

    1. Thank you Summer, I knew you were a nice ladycat. My sister Scylla and the rude Mommy and Daddy said that about my behind. They are very insulting at times. Especially when my behind is near their food. ~Yang

  2. You are a silly boy but it looks like you were having lots of fun playing in the yard.

  3. You're not fat! We call that "pleasingly plump" around here! It's the way we prefer our cats :)

  4. Yang, some eye scratching on the purrson who told lies about your rear-end is in order!

  5. That's rude ! Your Jungle Gym looks like fun ! Purrs

  6. That's not a nice thing to say about such a handsome boy!!! Just go have fun on the jungle gym and don't worry about your back end:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. You are handsome to us! Your gym does look fun.

  8. Fat?? Are you kidding? You are pawrfurct! Have fun on your jungle gym! Its good exercise, for any cat, slim or portly.

  9. Thats us felines, take advantage of everything we find!


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