Wee Wednesday

We are started off with an artistic drawing of Mr. Who.

Mr. Who is a wee little doggie.

And Olivia is a wee little girl.

Look how tiny his feet are.

Although he still manages to do a tail up and curled like Fenris.

Chloe is a big bigger than her brother, but she is a wee little doggie too.

She enjoyed sitting in the grass while everyone else ran around like idiots.

~Yang, reporting from the safety of the bedroom window for ATCAD


  1. Who are these wee doggies? Have you a new menagerie?

    1. They are the granddogs. Mr Who belongs to our Eldest Boy and lived here with him. Chloe belongs to EB's wife, now they all live together and have human kids too.

  2. Yang, good idea to watch from a safe location!

  3. They are very cute, Yang :) Pawkisses for a wonderful Wednesday :) <3

  4. The three little wees look very happy to be visiting you.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Mr Who and Chloe are really cute, and they look very happy to visit you with Olivia. Purrs

  6. Mr Who and Chloe are wee dogs!

  7. The wee's...are those Italian Greyhounds?? They do look like they could run furry furry swiftly! They are just the right size for the wee Olivia...for now, BOL/MOL!

  8. It looks like Mr. Who and Chloe had a fun time at your house.


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