Thankful Thursday (Hummingbird)

 We are thankful for Hummingbirds and today Mommy captured one for your viewing pleasure. Actually Hummer was very nice and posed for the pictures. Ignore the feeder Hummer is perching on the limb of the Angel Trumpet for the photo session.

 Hummer often chirps at Mommy when the feeder needs cleaning and filling.

 Hummers can be very territorial, Hummer has staked out the Hummingbird Cottage as it's home.

 We love all birds and are thankful that we have a beautiful garden to welcome them.

 Hummer got tired of posing for the camera after awhile.

And decided to go get a snack, Mommy tried to capture that too. ~ATCAD


  1. I loved seeing your hummingbird! We don't have a feeder (my human worries that she'll neglect it and make the birdies sick), but they do stop by our house sometimes.

  2. Those little hummers are fun to watch and they sure zip around so quick! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. What great pictures! Hummers are not easy to get pictures of since they like to fly around at high speed.

  4. What a bossy bird! But I know that they use up lots of energy doing that hummy thing, so it's good that you are feeding them!

  5. guyz....we are thanx full ta bee aye bull ta see yur garden...but
    we gotta bee trooth full ...N pazz.. on thiz post !!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  6. Nice photos. Our hummingbirds are always fighting too.

  7. I love hummingbirds!!! I need to put some feeders up. Thanks for the reminder! Love all your photos :D

  8. We have several hummingbird feeders up, but not nearly as many hummers as some years...

    They sure do like to squabble over the rights to the nectar! Sometimes we see the woodpeckers and orioles drinking from those nectar feeders, too,MOL!

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