Tuiren Tuesday

I can see these flowers from the backyard, Mom said they are Mexican Tarragon. They sure look purrty when they bloom and they are very hardy plants.

I hardly ever get to see this since it is in the front yard, the Mexican Tarragon is sorta in the side yard so I can see it. But this is in the front, so I can only see it if I am in the house or if Mommy takes me around front on the leash.

I am bad and do NOT obey the rules for walking off leash, the MAIN one is STAY WITH MOMMY, the second one is LISTEN TO MOMMY, I am not good at either one. Fenris mostly is.  Oh the flower is Pineapple Sage it smells and taste good. Sometimes Mommy harvest it and puts it in her water or ice tea. It taste like pineapple according to her.

Scylla and Yin are my girl pals the three of us hang out together. Chimera is usually to busy getting into mischief to hang with us, but sometimes she does. It's really nice when all 4 of us girls are together.

I also like it when Mommy takes us for walks. She took us back to Bethel Mountain Bike Trails, the trail we went on this time wasn't as nice there wasn't much to see but PINE TREES...guess that is why it was called Pine Lizard and South Pine Lizard, but I didn't see or smell lizards.

The silly humans got lost. They had to call up this app on Mommy's phone that tells them how to go. They could have just asked me and Fenris, WE KNEW HOW TO GET BACK TO THE CAR.

Fenris YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY. Blast that silly app showed a shorter way back to the car. Oh well I still wasn't lost.

We sure were happy to get home though. Me and Fenris were tuckered out. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Humans! Why did they need apps when they had you two?

  2. That looked like a fantastic walk, even if your mom got herself lost and didn't think to use as her GPS system! :-)

    Thanks for the good wishes for my Derry-Bear! :-)

  3. We're glad you all found your way back home. It sounds like you had a fun walk together.

  4. Getting lost must have been scary! I am very good at coming back when I am called, but Fernant is terrible. He is deaf at those times...

    Tommy (and Fernant)

    1. Well we weren't really lost, we just had to choose between two trails and we were tired so we picked the one that would get us back to the car faster. We didn't enjoy this hike very much as the trail was parallel to a busy highway, and there was nowhere to stop and enjoy nature and a rest.

  5. Thank you for the tour, everything looks great. Glad you found your way home.

  6. What a fun adventure!!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  7. Phew! Glad that adventure had a happy ending!

    We have pineapple sage in one of our patio pots. Late in the summer it blooms like yours is, and the hummingbirds come to drink from the blooms. It sure grows into a big shrub. I wish it would overwinter, but alas it needs to be a new plant each spring.

  8. Hope you two were able to take delicious naps after that adventure!


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