Mancat Monday with Yang

 I love my sister, she took care of me when I was little before I came to live with Mommy and Daddy and even after we came to live here she looked out for me.

 Can you believe that some people don't know how loving black cats are. I am glad that Mommy and Daddy know and that they loved Yinny bug and kept both of us. Yin told her story in a book Black Cats Tell All that helps black cats get adopted.

I like to get on the roof of the Jungle Gym. Mommy took this picture for a photography group she had joined. You were suppose to get you pet (in this instance ME) rimmed in sunlight. She got that part but um mm  I don't think this is what it was suppose to look like. I don't show up very well at all. ~Yang, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Yang, I like that 'halo' photo of you! We LURV black cats, like trying to talk The Hubby into adopting more! Maybe if I just bring some in, he won't notice that there are more...?

  2. Yang you and your sister sure do love each other. Our mom used to have a black kitty way back decades ago.

  3. We are very happy that you and Yinny were able to find such a great home.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. And don't forget black dogs, black cats and black dogs rule! Well, I am not ALL black but a lot of me is. Hey, do you know there is a trick for Blogger making our comments secret against our will? If you leave a comment on your blog and check the "notify me" box down in the right corner you will get paw mail when somebody leaves a comment. You just have to remember to do that and I, of course, mostly forget.

    1. Thanks for telling us, we will try to remember to check that box. Mommy had a Black Lab one time Daddy called it Frog Dog although the boys named it Princess. They had to rehome it because they didn't have a fence, it was a stray puppy that someone must have dumped out.

  5. Black cats are the best! ~Ernie

  6. Yang, you and Yin are such awesome siblings. <3


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