Feral Friday (Guest Cats & Dogs)

Some of you know that our Grandparents moved close to us. They brought their collie Lady O"Meara. She is keeping a close eye on the new arrivals.

Mom read on Facebook where some outdoor cats were losing their home and needed to be relocated. Grandpa agreed to take 3 of them. This is O'Malley Mom named him after Thomas O'Malley in The Aristocats. 

He is pretty laid back but boy is he hungry. Mom says that based on his face he will be a large cat like Yin and Yang when he fills out. He has lovely blue eyes.

This is Marvel (top) and Myst bottom, we are not sure of their sex yet (Mom is still waiting to get the paperwork) if Myst is a girl her name will be Mystique (Myst for short) if it turns out she is a boy it will just be Myst. Myst is a dilute tortoiseshell so Mom really thinks she is a girl.

They are very shy and don't come to eat until Mom leaves.

Marvel and Myst seem to be bonded. They took the top carrier out and Myst and Marvel are happily sharing a carrier now.Mom thinks they probably came from the same litter.

This was when they first came to Grandpa's house (Monday). Mom said they were much better Wednesday when she went to feed them. Myst and Marvel actually came to the door of the carrier and were sitting side by side (but Mom had left her camera in the car).  

O'Malley can't wait to eat. 

Mom went back Monday when Marvel was eating Myst pretty much stayed in the carrier that day.

Mom thinks Marvel ate all the food except a tiny bit that was left in one of the bowls and that she stuck in Myst's carrier.

They are under a shed at Grandpa's so they don't have to worry about getting wet and they are in the shade.

Myst did eventually come out Monday night. Apparently she is more afraid of people then of dogs. 


This is the picture Mom saw of Myst on Facebook. Mom picked Myst to come live with Grandpa and O'Malley and Marvel were just lucky enough to get trapped at the same time as Myst.

 ~ATCAD hosting Lady O, O'Malley, Marvel & Myst


Eastside Cats said...

OH! How wonderful for these poor cats to be getting a new lease on life.
We thought all of our outside cats were feral, but time has shown that they were really only strays that had learned to be tough guys.

Brian said...

Thanks to the Grands for helping out those sweeties!!!

Timmy Tomcat said...

That is really nice of Grandpa to take these kitties in. Ferals have a tough time of it. Our Fanny has been missing and we wonder where she is

Millie and Walter said...

How nice that you are able to give these kitties a new place to live.

catladymac said...

We hope these new kitties soon get settled in and learn not to be afraid.

pilch92 said...

How kind of your Grandpa to take these 3 cuties to his yard. XO

Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon & Angel Nellie said...

Marvel, Myst and Omalley have a terrific new home and terrific new people! Thanks so much for coming to my birthday pawty at Ann and June's Blog! We are so furry blessed to have such wonderful blogging furrends! We are expecting to be back to our regularly scheduled blogging unless the wind changes and the internet burns up again!

The Island Cats said...

How nice of your grandpa to to take those kitties. I bet they’ll do well.

Summer at sparklecat.com said...

I'm so glad these kitties have a home now.

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

That was very sweet of your grandpa to take in those kitties. Soon they will learn to love their new home:)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That was kind of your grandpa to take those cats in. I am sure they will be very happy once they have settled in.

Foley Monster, Pocket and River Song said...

Bless you for helping the outdoors cats