Caturday Art the Fused Collection

Mom created a really wild background for this LAD by blending several different papers together and using mask.

Yang helped out with this LAD you used a brush and a mask to create a background.

Yin lent a paw with the double exposure photograph.

This LAD was about journaling.

This was for the Use It All Challenge.

 And Scylla helped out with this one where you blended two photographs together. ~ATCAD


Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

All lovely, but I like the sea and the breakwater. It makes me want to be there.

Millie and Walter said...

Such beautiful art you are sharing today.

pilch92 said...

These are great. And the key lime pie looks good. XO

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

Thank you everyone, we appreciate your kind words and the fact you came by to visit us.

The J-Cats said...

These are beautiful. We loved the last one especially - and the one before it - where was that photo taken?

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

Fantastic as always

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Oh, dear, I am not getting your posts for some reason. Follow it doesn't seem to work for us??
When I try to follow you with your sidebar link, it tells me I need to upgrade?? !

Anyways these are all very lovely and you're doing things with your layouts that I have never even attempted!