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One of our friends had a giveaway of a Midnight Louie Mystery. On the off chance we won the giveaway we had Mommy track down the first book in the series. This is Mommy's review of book #1.

Catnap (Midnight Louie, #1)Catnap by Carole Nelson Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very cute story of a resourceful feline.

Midnight Louie has moved out of his digs at the Crystal Phoenix after his people have a baby. Not M L's cup of tea so off to the Convention Center he goes where he stumbles over a dead body. When he leads Temple to the body he realizes he has landed her in a world of trouble and sticks around to bail her out. Two famous cats (Baker & Taylor) have also gone missing and M L uses his contacts on the street to track them to the pound.

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We plans to have her bring home all the books in the series. It is so refreshing to have a CAT as the main character.  ~ATCAD 


  1. A five star book? That could be a good christmas gift. Thanks!

  2. Meow that is a grand book. Dad read this one to us a long time ago right when he started reading to us every night

  3. Thanks for the review and info to this book! A kitty detective! Brilliant! Take care


  4. we haz hurd bour midnite louie !!! thanx for de ree viewe food serviss purrsons mom likez miss treez....we will tell her bout it !")

  5. That is a great recommendation. Fanks you.

  6. That sure sounds like a good one! Thanks for telling us about this book ... we'll have to check it out. :)

  7. That is the greatest Book Series ever!! Mom has almost read them all!!
    We know you all will enjoy them!!


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