Femme Friday

Don't worry Fenris is around here somewhere.

These Asters are growing wild. I am not sure what kind they are.

Scylla is keeping an eye on Fenris from the roof of the jungle gym.

She will warn me if he is headed this way. Not that I am afraid of him or anything, but he is BIG.


  1. I thought you got on really well with Fenris. Anyway, he means well and would never hurt you.

  2. Fenris is cute ~ but we cats hafta snoopervise all doggies, 'cos we're Alpha and they're Beta!!! Mol!

  3. Fenris is a sweetie pie, he won't hurt you, besides, Scylla would whap him if he did!

  4. Oh, pretty pictures. Tell Fenris Hi for uSSSSS!

  5. You kitties are good to stick around the yard. No need to be afraid of Fenris, he is a sweet boy. And besides, we are going to send Ciara to him so he will be very busy with her.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Yep, Fenris was off being busy with Ciara (giggling) we aren't going to tell whats they were doing.

    We aren't exactly afraid of the lumbering beast but um no need to get stepped on. He weighs a ton. ~Artemisia & Scylla

    PS: Thanks for visiting everybody.

  7. Wonder what Fenris is up to? Have a happy weekend!!!

  8. Awwwww it's so great to see you lovely and beautiful furry femmes looking out for each other!! Beautiful Fenris is big but he is such a sweetie!!

    Your asters are very pretty!!!

    Take care

  9. Oh my, we just caught up with your Scafflaw Posts! Your poor Mommy. You guys are bad to the bone and we salute you!

  10. Fenris!!!



  11. We think it is great how you and Scylla look out for each other. I don't think Fenris would hurt you, though ... he's a pretty nice dude, isn't he? :)

  12. It is allus wise to keep track of the woofies, even if they are friendly!

  13. Well, of course you aren't afraid of Fenris! You just don't want him invading your Femme Friday post!!


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