Scafflaw Week ~ Scylla

The hostess for Scafflaw Week is our dear friend Fin over at Housecat Confidential. I didn't break any rules on day one so we figured Day 2 would be all mine. First off when we were rounded up to go sleep in the garage I hid under Mom & Dad's bed. Now the parents would let us sleep inside EXCEPT for ME. Yep, I am the whole reason everybody gets booted in the garage. First off at some ungodly hour I jumped up on Mom's side of the bed to be petted. I had to wake her up first. She petted me for a bit then tried to go back to sleep but by then I wanted to PLAY and Artemisia was out in the garage so that meant I had to wake Mommy up to play with me. I wanted to play THoE, but Mommy wasn't very happy about it, in fact she was down right grumpy. Then I hid under the bed again so I didn't get booted out. Well Mommy had just started to drift back to sleep when I started meowing under the bed. This time I managed to get Daddy up too, unfortunately I got thrown out in the garage this time so they got to sleep in peace for awhile. Not long cause Daddy has to get up at 4AM for work. Sorry we don't have any pictures as my photographer was more intent on getting back to sleep then recording my spectacular rule breaking.

We will try to visit as many of our friends as we can. Youngest boy bean took his laptop to college with him so we couldn't use it till he came home. Also Mommy cut her finger when trying to slice a honeydew from the garden and is finding it heart to type with a band-aid on her thumb.

Since we couldn't blog we had a chance to read this great magazine we won from the Pet Postcard Project. We read about this great rescue called Pilots N Paws. Although we don't understand why Edmonton (Mom says that is in Canada) has such a shortage of dogs we think it's great that rescuers can fly dogs from the U.S. to Edmonton where they are in HIGH demand.  Pilots N Paws is doing a rescue in our area, you can read about it at ThoughtsFurPaws blog post.

Mommy is also reading this book we really like. It's called The Search by Nora Roberts. We love this quote "Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend." ~Corey Ford. Anyway the heroine of the book trains doggies and her and her dogs also work in Search and Rescue. We loves it when Mommy reads books with animals in them. Gotta run it's dinner time. ~Scylla


  1. Now that's the kind of ruling breaking we like. The middle of the night, when the beans are sleeping, and they are just too tired to really yell at us! Sorry about your mom's finger and we hope you have a PAWesome dinner!!!

  2. Awww sweet Scylla!! Me and Charlie hope you got lots and lots of play time eventually! LOL!! Especially THoE!! :-)

    Congratulations with winning your magazine! The Pilots N Paws are truly amazing! All thes lovely doggies being transported to forever homes by these fab people -lovely!!

    Enjoy your dinner sweet Scylla! And yay that your mum is reading a brilliant book too!

    take care

  3. That's my girl, way to go Scylla! I Dew hope Mom's finger is okay!!!

  4. Hope Mom recovers from Scafflaw Week!

  5. Wow. My kitties (especially Amelia) can relate to you guys. That keeping the beans up half the night is great for the kitties - not so great for the beans.

  6. We tend to do some of that night time playing around here, too cause Grammy is up, working on the computer until 2-3 a.m. and then she has to put Grandma OC in her wheelchair to take her outside before going to bed. THAT wakes all of us up and we start to play and then it's hard to settle down again. When we come in, we are all happy and playful and just HAVE to wake up Papa to greet him. THAT is were the rub comes in because HE has to get up around 5 a.m. to go to work... The Country Corgis


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