Thursday in the Garden with Scylla & Artemisia

Gardening cats have to get plenty of rest.

We are getting a late start with our gardening duties as we are sleeping in.

Artemisia: Scylla it is time to get up now our friends are here and they are ready to tour the garden. Scylla!!! Oh bother, I'll show you the garden without her. She can stay in and help Mommy with the laundry.

Do you see the blue dragonfly? Me and Fenris like to chase them.

The other evening there must have been a hundred of them in our yard (I may be exaggerating a little. There were too many to count).

Our zinnias. Mommy grew them from seed and if you ask me they DO NOT look like the picture on the package. They are still pretty though.

They are growing in the Cottage Garden.

I can't wait for you to see it. It has a roof on it now. We are still waiting on Daddy to get the trellises up.

Please drop by Jonesie's and see what's up in here garden and visit our other gardening friends.


  1. It's funny how stuff sumtimes doesn't look like the pic on the packet, isn't it? But yoor flower is beautiful anyway. And the dragonfly is AWESOME!

  2. The garden is looking spectacular, I think we need more flowers for our place!!!!

  3. Awwwww sleepy sweet Artemisia and Scylla! You so need your naps before a hard day's gardening and dragon fly counting!! :-)

    Aww but doesn't your cottage garden look lovely?!?! Me and Charlie so agree about the flower pic on the packet and what you have - but we think that your very own little zinnia is a million times better looking! It is petite and very pretty!

    Thank you for showing us your garden sweet Artemesia!! We hope you join your sister now for more much needed naps!

    Take care

  4. Looks like Scylla will be looking extra beautiful with all that extra napping. Beautiful flowers and garden. Ciara likes to chase AND catch the noisy cicadas.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Keep up the good work - your garden is looking great.

  6. Your flowers are lovely, even if they don't look like the ones on the package!

  7. There's nothing wrong with sleeping in! We have lots of dragonflies too! We get them early morning and dusk. They eat the mosquitos, so we like them. Your garden is so pretty and the Zinnia is lovely!

  8. What a lovely dragon fly you have! Very nice.

  9. Your garden is so very pretty and I always enjoy the tours!

  10. Figaro gets in trouble for chasing dragonflies because mom loves them.

    Scylla and Artemisia, you are 2 very smart garden kitties, making sure you are all rested up before you get to work.

    Purrs, Jonesie


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