Scafflaw Week ~ Day one for AFSS

Mommy says she hopes it is the last day we participate.The hostess for Scafflaw Week is our dear friend Fin over at Housecat Confidential.  We don't have any pictures of our kitty misdeeds as the photographer was too grossed out/busy cleaning up to take any.

Socks started things off with projectile vomiting, all over the study. He broke the unwritten rule no throwing up in a room with carpet. We kitties are pretty good about getting on the laminated floor to hack up our furballs. Of course no furball hacking was involved in this activity. Socks spewed vomit all over the chair he was sitting in, the kitty cube (the blue one Thank Cat), the carpet and Daddy's motorcycle boots. Mommy's fault of course she gave him MILK.

Artemisia peed in the study, and the rest of us cats are kinda hissed off at her cause she peed on the Catnip Mat. She only got a little bit on the carpet but she FLOODED our Catnip Mat. Mommy says the lining soaked the pee up nicely before it got in the carpet. This is Daddy's fault cause she was meowing to be let in the garage and he IGNORED HER.

Unidentified Cat, pooped on youngest boy bean's bed. Mommy says at least she can throw the comforter in the washing machine. Well really everybody had runned off somewhere and there was no one available to open doors for the poor unidentified cat. But  Mommy  is really tired of cleaning up after us beast, and has a suggestion for Fin.

Alasandra: Fin dear, next time you have an activity for kitties to participate in could it be WELL BEHAVED KITTY WEEK?  I would REALLY appreciate your considering it. You are such a gorgeous kitty, I know you never intended me to spend my day cleaning up cat vomit, poop and pee.

Our Wordless Wednesday post is under this one.


  1. oh dear, not a good way to start the day. Mom is mumbling something about TD being a bad boy and lifting his leg on one of the bedspreads - something he never does. So our washer is running here too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh, no, this NOT a good way to start the day! :-(

  3. MOL @ your mommy's comment. Hoping you're bellie is feeling better after the pukes.

  4. I hope the day improves and that Socks is feeling better!

  5. Awww sweet Socks!!! Milk will make you do things like that! Poor you - me and Charlie hope you are ok now! :-)

    Awww lovely Artemesia!! At least you only got a little bit of wee on the carpet! :-)

    And Unidentified Cat!! Oh dear!! Thank goodness for washing machines is all we can say! LOL!!

    Big hugs to you all and lovely mum too!

    Take care

  6. But carpet is the best thing to vomit on! I hope that made him feel better...

  7. Actually vomiting on the carpet is a BAD idea cause it means we has to listen to the vacuum cleaner.

  8. Oh no....that sure isn't a good thing!

  9. If you vomit or wee on the carpet it soaks it up and so no one or most importantly no cat slips in it and falls over so we think that was a good thing. No-one or no cat fell on their bottoms or banged their heads so really it was very thoughtful. The poop on the bed on the other paw we think the pooper should put a paw up and confess to your mom.
    Our mum says your mom should go to a clean bed and pull the covers over her head until tomorrow!!

  10. Ut Oh! We think you need to really be nice to your Mom after a day like that!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  11. Dear Mom,

    I like your idea and I will take it under advisement. I'm liking the idea, so it may very well be a Yes.

    As for the hairballs on the carpet, you really need to dig your claws in...



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