We are trying to figure out what to get our Daddy for his birthday. We stopped by CSN Stores to see what they had. They have a coffeetable @ All Coffee Tables.Com since he drinks coffee maybe he would like that.What do you think? Or we could get something for outside, maybe a swing for the Hummingbird Cottage. CSN has lots of things to choose from. At least we has until the end of October to decide.

As soon as we settle on something we will tell you all about it promise. ~AFSS


  1. Those coffeetables at all coffee are lovely!! Gosh - it'll be so hard to choose!

    Good luck sweet Artemisia, Fenris, Scylla and Socks!!! Me and Charlie know that whatever you'll get him - it'll be super lovely!

    Take care

  2. Me too, we like coffee tables, but y'all will pick just the right gift!

  3. A coffee table sounds like a good idea! But the CSN stores sure have a lot to choose from!

  4. A swing fer the Hummingbird Cottage! They are tricky ta build sturdily an a good one lasts a long long time! An ya can share time on it wif him...

  5. Are you sure he wouldn't like a Cat tree?

  6. I think a mastiff is always a welcome gift. If you can't manage that, then go with the bird stuff. Watching those critters is really cool.


  7. A swing is more romantic, but the coffee table would get more use. Depends on how you want to celebrate! :-)

  8. We fink yoo shud get him sumfin YELLOW (like a LIVESTRONG bracelet!)


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