Fenris & Femme Friday

Mom, I almost caught the squirrel, did you see? did you? Oh Hi everybody you want to walk with me?

There are lots of interesting things to smell, squirrels, rabbits, cats........

I gets to tell you 10 things I likes today.

  1. Laying in Mommy's lap.
  2. Playing chase, although nobody wants to play chase with me.
  3. Going for walks with Mommy.
  4. Having Mommy feed me by hand, preferably while I am laying in her lap.
  5. Going for car rides.
  6. Going to the vet.
  7. I liked going to the groomers and hanging out with the dogs there. I didn't like having my nails trimmed but the bath was OK.
  8. Playing with the boy beans.
  9. Playing with the cats.
  10. Hanging out in the jungle gym.
Now it is Scylla's turn.
I have been informed that Scylla Sunday is being replaced by Talk Like a Pirate Day, I do not approve of this at all. It is very rude of them if you ask me. Anyway I am suppose to tell you the 10 things I like today since I'll be talking like a pirate Sunday.

  1. Eating
  2. Loving Mommy, but only when I want to.
  3. Mommy's bed.
  4. Getting up high. I love being higher then everyone else.
  5. Playing with Artemisia.
  6. Cuddling with Socks.
  7. Cuddling with Artemisia.
  8. Cuddling with Mom & Dad.
  9. Getting my own way. I am very demanding.
  10. Knocking the baby gate down so Fenris can get out of the dining room. It is so much fun getting him in trouble.


  1. You are so speedy I am surprised that the flashy beast caught the action. Next time for sure.


  2. Wow, that's great, Fenris - next time you will get that pesky critter.

    And Scylla, we need to talk. You like cuddles with Socks, Artemisia, Mom and Dad, but you take delight in getting Fenris in trouble??? That is so not right - c'mon, pal - you have to be nice to Fenris too.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. We think with patience, you will eventually catch that evil squirrel!!!

  4. Awww lovely Fenris! Me and Charlie would love to go walkies with you! Thank you! We are most impressed that you like going to the vets! Well good for you!

    And sweet Scylla! Awww you are such a cuddle kitty cos you love your cuddles!

    Take care

  5. Hey Fenris, I'll play chase with you! And sweet Scylla, I'll be glad to go pirating with you!!!

  6. hi Fenris! Hi Scylla! Those were interesting things to learn about both of you! And we have to say we were surprised that you like the vet Fenris - you are a very brave dog for that!

  7. Thanks for visiting everyone. We will try to get by to visit you ASAP. ~Scylla & Fenris

  8. Great stuffs Fenris!

    I saw Butterskhotch trotting after one of those evil khritters today -

    I bet woo were LOTS faster!


  9. Ahhh, Fenris, they are devilishly quick critters, aren't they!

    Scylla, you and Bitty should meet... you're the high wire queens! She doesn't cuddle a lot with her furblings so maybe you could teach her something there! :-)

  10. Fanks for pawticipating in Femme Friday! Nice to meet new furiends too! And we totally believe you're gonna catch that squirrel - even if ya hafta drag the hoomin behind you!


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