Fenris Friday

Hi guys, most of you remember I don't like getting wet and that I refuse to swim in the pond. Well............. Mommy tricked me into getting into the pond.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

See she was throwing bread into the pond (she claims the bread was for the FISH), and I went right in after it.

I still don't like getting wet! so don't be looking for any repeats.


  1. Hey, what did Mom expect - it was FOOD - we growing boys need to eat!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Hi Fenris!

    Well that was sneaky of yoor mommy ~ but no harm done!

  3. Oh, but you looked as though you were enjoying yourself, Fenris! Are you SURE you did not like it?

  4. Awww sweet Fenris!! Me and Charlie are in AWE that you went in the pool! Well done you!!

    Take care

  5. I LOVE Fenris Friday! I am stunned that you went in... THERE... How far out did you go???

  6. Hey, at least ya got a chance to shake your booty for the weekend!

  7. MOL! Hope you got some!

  8. Oh that is so funny the way your mom tricked you - it sounds like something our mom would do (if we went outside of course!) We think you are smart to try not to get wet!!

  9. Ha! I did the same with my Lab to get him to go in the water...but once he was in he was HOOKED! Silly Fenris, I thought all dogs liked water.

  10. What a great series of pikhs!!!

    Thanks fur sharing your splashing with us!


  11. Okay, Fenris, let me get this straight. Furst, you say you don't like the water. Second, you said the bread was really for the fish. And third, you got right into the water when you saw your mom throw bread in the pond. Hmmmm....I am wondering if you are part duck or part fish? I have my doubts that you are afraid of water now that I know you could be a cross between a duck or a fish....hmmmmm....

  12. Hi, Fenris!
    Wow! Sure it was a good trick from your Mom!
    A nice splash from time to time sure is good!
    Happy friday to all of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Concatulations! You were a winner on our Mo Cats and a few dogs contest. have your biped email your snail mail address to our biped so we can send your prize.


  14. Well, obviously you are starving and needed to supplement your meager rations with fish food in order to maintain your strength. Sorry about the whole getting wet thing. Sheesh. That was scary.


  15. Mango, you are so right I was hungry and I loves pita bread who cares if it had mold on it.

    Thanks for visiting everyone, and no I still don't like getting wet. ~Fenris

  16. Were you trying ta catch fishies? We heard of a waterbirdy that learned fishies came ta bread, so when Beins tossed bread inthe pond, it would rush over an wait fer the fishies and eat THEM!


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