Thursday in the Garden

Butterfly & Lantana blooms.

The rose thing. Actually we thinks we are either going to call it the Cottage Garden or the Hummingbird Bower, which do you like best? It will be covered in vines when Mommy is finished with it (at least that is what Mommy hopes).

The yellow Angel Trumpet.

It hasn't bloomed much.

The Buttercup

Mexican Petunias

Ginger Lilies

Mommy captured the butterfly again,we guesses that makes up for the fact she hasn't captured the hummingbird even once.


  1. We are waiting for one more blooming of the angel trumpet - your yellow one is very pretty. Great butterfly catch too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. woooow we love that butterfly :)

    El'bow & Hauwii

  3. Oh some beautiful photos today! And re the rose thingy: we LOVE the Hummingbird Bower for sure!

  4. Beautiful flutterby! What lovely pictures! We want to come and play in your beautiful garden!

  5. Me and Charlie vote for the Hummingbird Bower - it's a truly unique name!!

    These are beautiful pics! Our favourite is the Angel Trumpet - it's just big and yellow and lovely!

    take care

  6. The garden looks terrific, and I sure do love the butterfly!

  7. We like both names, but lean toward the Cottage Garden. We just like the idea of a cosy hideaway, quaint and comfy, which is what "cottage" evokes to us.

    Your garden still looks wonderful! Fall is really setting in here now and so much is dying off. :-/

  8. You got so great many plants! They are all lovely.

    We vote fer "Hummingbird Bower".

  9. I absolutely love to come to your blog and absorb the beauty. It is a de-stresser.


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