Fenris Friday

 I went to the groomers and got a BATH. I liked the bath, but I refused to have my nails trimmed.

They tied this handsome bandanna around my neck when they were finished. Mommy gave me some extra tasty food when we got home.

 Do you thinks a certain pup will think I look dashing and debonair now?

 I was told the ladies like well groomed guys that smell good.

 You thinks I qualify?

At least I got to lay on the carpet. Mommy said Daddy couldn't possibly think I STINKS right after a bath.


  1. You look fantastic! Nothing like a day of beauty to perk one up.


  2. Thanks, I am hoping Ciara thinks I looks fantastic. ~Fenris

  3. Fenris, all the ladies will swoon! You look so very handsome! You are one cute woofie!

  4. Fenris, Ciara thinks you look so very handsome and gorgeous all the time, but even more so now that you have had that bath. She doesn't know it yet but she will be getting her first bath in a couple of weeks too. Mom is hoping she will have stopped the digging by then:(

    Happy Fenris Friday!

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Beautiful Fenris!! Me and Charlie think this certain pup will be most impressed by how wonderfully groomed and handsome you are!! We think that bandana is just so pretty on you!! We hope you get tons more extra treats for being so good at the groomers!! :-)

    Take care

  6. You look amazing handsome Fenris! I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  7. Fenris yoo look real handsome! We fink any gerl-pup would be lucky to get yoor attention! Go Fenris!

  8. Did your groomer call herself Miss Buzz Off like Mine does???
    Man you sure look spiffy now. Yep, Ciara DID take notice (I saw the comment)
    I know my Wives think the like me better when I have been to see Miss Buzz Off.
    PeeS.. I don't like the nail thingy much either.. Butt Miss Buzz Off does it really slow and easy so I let her do it.

  9. You are so handsome, Fenris, that we don't see how anyone could resist you!!!!!!! We bet the ladies will be lined up at your door.


  10. I think you look great with a bandanna!

  11. Fenris you look so dashing. What lady dog could refuse?

  12. You are indeed looking very dashing, Fenris! I think bandanas are great. I have quite a collection of them!


  13. Your spa day really spiffed you up, you'll be totally irresistable now! Mommy has already fallen for you...SMOOCHES!

  14. I didn't think woo khould look more handsome but WOO DO!

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry 'bout the nail thing - I'm lukhky in that my walks wear my down khwite well!

  15. Fenris you are looking wonderful! And it is true, ladies do like guys who are groomed and smell good - you should be all set!

  16. You look maaaaavalous, Fenris!!


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