Thursday in the Garden with Socks & Fenris

 Can you see me?

 When Fenris is going for his walk I sit under the Oak tree. He usually comes to visit on the way back.

 He saw these wildflowers on his walk.

 We both went checked out the rose at the Hummingbird Cottage.

 The Aster bed is doing well.

 The Zinnias are looking gorgeous and so is the Princess Feather.

 The Charybdis Bed is still nice and colorful.

 Candlebushes & Mexican Petunias

 The Whiskers Bed.

 OK, I think that is everything.

 Oh, Fenris reminded me about the stuff up front.

 I'll just sit here in the window while ya'll take a look at the Bee Bed.

 Pineapple Sage

 Mexican Petunias in the Greeting Garden Walkway. This is just where Mommy has her flowerpots, she hopes to convince Daddy to let her have a flowerbed here one day.
 A red Spider Lily, it is coming up in the Greenhouse. We don't know where it came from but we likes it.

Go by Jonesie's to visit the other Feline Gardeners & their Canine Companions. I needs to go find Daddy and tell him he better get cracking putting the walls to the Greenhouse back up before it turns really cold. Catch you later. ~Socks


  1. You still have lots of pretty flowers happening in your garden. How lucky for you. Except for the roses, ours have all gone to sleep for the winter.


  2. Yoo garden is looking awesome ~ so many pretty flowers! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Awwwww adorable Socks and Fenris!! Thank you for showing me and Charlie around your thriving and lush garden!!!! We love the Zinnias too - they have such perfect petals!!!!

    The Charybdis and Whiskers Beds are just amazing!! Awwww!!

    We hope you mum gets her flowerbed soon! :-) Take care

  4. Wow, look at that princess feather - that is just gorgeous. We loved seeing all the gardens with Fenris. And the Greeting Garden Walkway - greatname:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Socks & Fenris, thanks for showing uSSSSS around your beautiful garden!

  6. What a beautiful walk!!!


  7. That was quite the tour guys!!!

  8. We ALWAYS love to stroll through your garden!!!

  9. HI Socks and Fenris! Thanks for the walk around the garden today - it is still looking great! YOu have so many interesting flowers - we haven't even heard of some of them before! It is so fun to see them!

  10. Your garden still has som much colour! I particularly like the spider lillies :-)

  11. Wow, Socks and Fenris, you sure have a lot of flowers in your garden! Thank you for the great tour. :)

  12. We are guessin that you are sittin unner that big burl on the branch. In anny case, thanks fer the tour this week. You showed us some new flowers we dint know ya had. The whole garden is lookin good, but we specially liked that red spider plant!

  13. Socks, you are excellently camo'ed under the Oak. We had to biggify to find you! All your flowers are beautiful, the lily in particular!

  14. You still have so man beautiful flowers in your garden!

  15. We think it's amazing and wonderful that your garden still is in full bloom! :-)

  16. So nice!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    The only flowers we have are on the basil and the chives ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  17. Wow! Your garden still looks great!! We love all the different beds you have....whiskers, bee, aster, and we love the hummingbird cottage! All our hummers must be at your cottage now!

  18. Everything looks good - we don't have anything left in our garden and tonight will be our first frost!


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