Thursday in the Garden

 This is a wildflower, Mommy calls it Statice. You can dry it and use it in bouquets.

 Goldenrod growing wild in our yard.

 The Charybdis bed.

 The Pineapple Sage is blooming in there now. 

We still has lots of things blooming. I am happy to report that Mommy got her lazy booty out to the greenhouse and weeded it good and then Eldest Boy Bean helped her bring the flowers in pots into the greenhouse before we had our first frost. It was a very light one and the outside plants weathered it well. Mommy of course claims that she had a relapse, feels miserable and sounds pathetic due to her COLD and is laying on the couch like a slug now. The laundry is piling up and the house is getting dusty so we imagine she will use that as an excuse not to help us blog. What a slacker, she better hope there aren't any performance reviews due soon, she would get and F.

 The Confederate Rose.

 Socks has been keeping an eye out for rodents for us. He is a pawsome mouser.

~Artemisia reporting for AFSS

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  1. Don't be too harsh on yoor mom if she is feeling poorly ~ hoomans aren't as tuff as we are.
    We enjoyed the pics today and the update abowt the greenhouse. And we're proud of Socks for being such a good mouser!

  2. Awwww your poor mum needs lots of cuddles!! Me and Charlie hope she get better!!

    We love that your garden is flourishing so beautifully!! The Confederate Rose is just amazing!!! And Charybdis's bed is lovely.

    Thanks for showing us around sweet Artemisia!! We are also in AWE at Socks' supreme hunting skills! Wow! Take care

  3. Such a lovely tour of the garden!

    We hope that your Mommy feels better very soon!

  4. Great report, Artemisia. We hope your work gets well-rewarded. Poor Mom, tell her not to work so hard. Glad you still have lots of blooms, love that rose.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Thanks fur sharing those pawesome pikhs!

    I hope all of woo khan keep your mom motivated to attend to your needs!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris! I hope she feels better soon!

  6. Those are some lovely flowers. Our human hardly ever gets out in our "garden" of course she said if we had a garden she might go more often...

  7. That was such a great tour and I know you were quite the mouser Socks!

  8. Well hello Kitties and thanks for the wonderful garden tour! The Human likes to live vicariously through her bloggie friends who have such pretty yards. She pretends to herself that someday she could do this too, but I laugh in her face! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. We're sending purrs for your mummy my friends, and hope she feels better.

  10. This Thursday in the garden was very funny for me and also enjoy here. This is a wildflower, Mommy calls it Statice.


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