MoMo Socks Needs a Nurse

Hi guys & gals,
I am at the vets. I had a nasty wound all the way to my tendons and I had to have surgery so they could stitch it up and pack it with an antibiotic. The good news is I has the blood work of a two year old. The bad news is I has to have medicine for a week and then I goes back to the VET to get my stitches out. I am doing fine and they told Mommy she could come get me at 3:30PM. ~Socks


  1. Yikes! How did you get a wound like that? My goodness, we're glad you're doing fine now, out of surgery and soon to go home!

    Lots of purrs and universal Light for a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh Socks! We hope you are OK! What in the world happened to you? We are purring a HUGE purr for you and we hope you're not in too much pain.

  3. Oh dear. Our motors re going for you

  4. Oh Socks we are very sorry to hear of your injury!!! What happened? We wish you a speedy recovery and hope the medicine will help you feel better soon!

    Beautiful Artemisia, your wish is my command...I will be over immediately to snuggle your lovely fur and keep you warm!!!
    ~your prince, Casper

  5. Oh no Socks, what happened? My sisters and I send purrs to you sweet boy. Have Mom update us when she can!

  6. Oh no Socks we are sorry you got hurt and had to have surgery, but we are glad they were able to take care of it right away! We hope the medicine isn't too bad, and we are sending you lots of purrs and prayers!!

  7. Sending you loads of purrs, Socks. Snuggle down and let that wound heal.

  8. What happened?!!? Oh poor Socks - me and Charlie are so sorry to hear you're hurt!! But we are glad you're all stitched up and are doing ok!! We are sending you tons of purrs!! Please take things easy!! Big hugs and take care

  9. {{{Socks}}}
    We are sorry...what has happened.


  10. Oh No! What happened? We are relieved that you are ok and will be going home soon. Sending you lots of hugd, purrs and prayers.

  11. OH NOS, Socks!!!! I read about your battle wound over at Gracie's and hurried over. How are you doing, my poor sweetie baby?

    I have brought my blankie and I will be staying at your place and keeping you company during your convalescence.

  12. Wha??? Oh my Socks we are purring like crazy for you!

  13. Oh, Socks, what did you do! We hope you are okay.

  14. you poor baby!!! I feel awful! How in the world did that happen???
    We are praying that you will be fine and that you heal well.
    Much Love, Caren and Cody

  15. Socks!
    I hope your wound will heal very soon!
    Paws crossed here for you!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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