Socks ~ Mancat Monday

Dreaming of my sweet MoMo.

Mommy says I am cold natured like her.

 When it is cold out I prefer to spend the day sleeping in Eldest Boy Bean's bed. I seldom set paw outside. I do like to check out any new stuff Mommy brings in the house though.

 Isn't this birdhouse pawsome. Mommy won it as a door prize at a Christmas party she went to. I kinda like Mommy's nutcrackers too.

 I am afraid of the rocking Santa. He rocked into me one time when I went sniffed him. Mommy loves horses so she is very fond of this Santa.
A close up of the birdhouse.

Now I am going back to sleep. MoMo would you like to come snuggle with me? ~Socks


  1. I am sure that MoMo would love to come and snuggle with you. The birdhouse looks great.

  2. Awww me and Charlie hope lovely Momo gets to snuggle with you gorgoeus Socks!! You are just so sweet!! We love your mum's birdhouse - what a great prize!!!

    Stay warm and take care

  3. You look so cozy there, Socks, we know MoMo will want to snuggle with you! We do too!!

  4. What a handsome mancat you are, Socks.....and you have such excellent taste....MoMo is totally pawsome.

    Love to all of you.

  5. Socks, we would love to get to snuggle in a bed too, but we have never done that with a Mancat:) Thanks for sharing your special Christmas decorations - they are all so very nice.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. You look comfy there, love the Christmas decorations . Have great day.

  7. Socks you are so handsome! could tell you were having wonderful dreams of Mo-Mo.

    That birdie house is so cute!

  8. I bet Momo can't wait to come snuggle with you! Enjoy your napping.

  9. Sock, you should give that rocking horse a whap...just to show it who's Da Man.
    Enjoy your snuggle!

  10. Seasons Greetings!!!!
    W're happy you had a great Christmas!! We like snoozing in warm places too ;)
    Your decorations are neat.Mom likes nutcrackers too !!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  11. MoMo is a smart ladycat. I bet she's traveling to get there as fast as she can.

  12. MoMo just couldn't resist that invitation Socks! Happy snuggling!

  13. Socks, there is no way that MoMom could resist you!!

  14. It's a cat's duty to inspect new stuff. Plus, try snuggling, Momo. It can be furry good.


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