Thursday in the Garden

 I am enjoying the Butterfly Garden for as long as I can since  winter is on the way.

We are hoping the Red Hibiscus will bloom before it dies. It has lots of buds on it. We wouldn't buy this plant again. It is very high maintenance and doesn't seem to do well here. The red leaves are eye catching and we like that, but the flowers are small and blend into the leaves. They are still pretty though. It gets really big too and we likes that, you are probably wondering what we don't like about it at this point. Well here goes; whenever we has windy days (which we has a lot of in the spring and fall) it's limbs break. Also when it starts getting big the limbs start curving at the bottom and falling over. But the main thing we object to is unlike the other Hibiscus we have it does not come back after dying for the winter. Once it is dead it is dead. Don't worry we will still have some next year. With all the breaking limbs Mommy had plenty to root and put in pots in the greenhouse for the winter. In fact the one above is one that Mommy rooted a few months ago because it's limb broke off and it already had buds on it. That is why it is so small.

UPDATE: We had a hard frost Monday and many of  these plants are now asleep for the winter. The Red Hibiscus didn't bloom before the frost got it :>(

 The Pineapple Sage. It still has a few blooms on it but is beginning to go to sleep for the winter.

 The Parsley is thriving, it likes the cooler weather.

 The strawberries like the cooler weather too.

 Sniffie's Rosebush is blooming up a storm. We can't figure out why the other 6 rosebushes haven't bloomed. We treats them all the same.

Don't worry Sniffie's Rosebush is fine.

 The Maypop is covered in caterpillars. (The frost got it too, but the caterpillars had pretty much eaten it before that.)

 Daddy is busy rocking up the flowerbeds at the Hummingbird Cottage.

 The Charybdis bed. See the Pineapple Sage blooming in the back.

The Roster Violets, they are a type of Pansy and like the cold weather.

 Me stalking a Butterfly. I caught it too, but then Mommy pounced on me and let the Butterfly fly off. It appeared to be fine.
A lot of our kitty friends wanted to know if we has flowers blooming all year down here and the answer is yes, especially in the Butterfly Garden where Mommy planned to always have something blooming for Whiskers. Camellias are evergreens and they bloom in the winter. We has some that bloom fall & winter and others that bloom winter & spring.  In a few weeks we will show you some pictures of the fall & winter one blooming. It has lots of buds on it. Some of our plants are going to sleep for the winter now. Mr. Jack Frost got the Confederate Rose in Fenris' yard, but he left the others alone, he'll get them eventually though as the weather gets cooler and we has more frost.  Mr. Frost also got most of the Candlebushes but not all of them.

Drop by the Society of Feline Gardeners Headquarters and Jonsie will update you on what is going on in her garden and direct you to other feline gardeners in our club so you can see more blooms.


  1. Yoor garden tour was extra special today, I really enjoyed it because he weather has been so cold here in the UK that I haven't been owtside.
    It's lovey to see Sniffie's Rose doing so well ~ I think she's caring for it from the Bridge.

    Love Alfie xx

  2. We think she must be too as it is doing REALLY well and Mommy isn't that good with roses. It is cold here now too.

  3. What a lovely garden post!! Thank you Artemisia for showing me and Charlie around! The red hibiscus's leaves are just stunning aren't they? We are so glad that your mum is able to root more of them from their fragile limbs!!!

    Looks like Mr Frost is well and truly about to settle in there in your garden! Time for lots of your flowers to sleep!! But the few hardy ones are still lovely - the parsley, strawberries and rose bush and violets!

    Yay that your mum saved your snack, ahem, butterfly!!! :-) Take care

  4. We think we'd like to live somewhere that has some blooms all year!

    Right now our garden is frozen and white and will be till, oh, April. :-D

  5. So nice to still see some flowers blooming!

    Winter is here to stay but currently our two holly bushes are looking very festive with their bright red berries :-)

  6. Ohhhhhhhh thank you fur giving us one last look at the beauty of spring summer and autumm... before the SHIVER Winter kills all the Joy... except fur the Christmas Kind of course.

  7. Aretemisia, your garden makes me purr. No matter how dim and grim things start to look in our fall/winter garden I know we can come to your place and see beatiful flowers!

    xoxo Jonesie

  8. Goodness, you have the prettiest garden! Thanks for sharing!

  9. lovely flowers and wat an awesome garden you have :), liked those really

  10. You have a lovely garden! I hate it when the frost gets late blooming plants.

  11. WE were very sad the red hibiscus didn't have a chance to bloom :>( It is not normally this cold here in early December. We might even get SNOW (whatever that is). The Mum is pretty excited about it and says it is the white stuff in our friends pictures.

  12. Such a great tour of your garden! I think Sniffie's rose is blooming as a way for her to send love to all her family and friends that miss her so much.

  13. Furry nice tour again!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!

  14. Love those pics of snoopervising kitty - and the sun looks amazing.

  15. It may be late in the season, but your garden is still looking very nice :)
    We too are happy Sniffie's roses are doing well.
    All our flowers are sleeping for the Winter :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. So many beautiful photos and flowers today - so little time for us to really enjoy them. We hope the winter treats your garden well - you all work so hard on it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. How nice to still see some flowers!! We 'specially like Sniffie's roses!!

  18. Really great to see your garden! Thanks for visiting our blog!


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