Fenris Friday

I have been thinking about what category my cats would fit in at Mango Minster 2011 if they were dogs. Artemisia would certainly be in the Shameless Dogs and Doggie Divas category. I mean she is a Tsarina and everything and then there are her numerous suitors, and all those pictures of her showing her curly belly furs. Yep Artemisia is a Diva Cat. I think this lovely picture of her makes the case very well. She wanted me to thank Sammy & Andy for finding the purrfect hat to fit her purrfectly tinny head.

Socks would be in the Good Old Boys and Gals category (which is now full) like me. He is a true Southern Gentleman although Mommy says he is more like Rhett Butler then Bo Duke (she thinks both characters are hot though).

Scylla just loves the hat Sammy & Andy placed on her head and says thank you ever so much. And I has to admit from this picture one would think she is another Diva. But since I lives with her I knows better. I couldn't decide if Scylla was Crackers (which if full up anyway) or a Bad Sport, I thinks she is totally insane. But Bad works for her She knocks my gate down letting me out of my domain and into the carpeted areas of the house ( I kinda like this. I am to GOOD to knock the gate down myself, or jump over it but IF she lets me out it isn't my fault is it?) , she is a total toy hog, she shreds the paper in the human litter box room., she shreds the paper towels in the kitchen, she tears up the carpet, she constantly demands to go out and then come in, and she wakes the beans up. Yep she is a BAD CAT, good thing she is also a LOVE BUG. And it is a good thing for all us doggies that they are cats and are entered in the Kittehs category. I sure would hate to compete with them.

Mommy just loves my mustache. She says it is CUTE!!!! And she just wants to plant a great big smoochy kiss on my mouth. Well what are you waiting for, I am all ready to be kissed and drooled over.


  1. If we were there, we would SOOOOO be doing all that AND more!

    PeeEssWoo: Great job Fenris - I think woo tagged 'em khorrekhtly!

  2. Mom has planted a dozen smoochies on your beautiful snooter, Fenris - and the manly moustache. And Ciara did her own share of licking that screen too.

    Have a great weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Yay!! Adorable Scylla and Artemisia have been hatted by wonderful Sammy and Andy!! Fantastic!! Awwww they look wonderful!! Yay!!!

    Awww gorgeous Fenris!!! You are the sweetest most handsomest doggy and deserve lots of snuggles and kisses!! Take care

  4. So good to hear about Ciara licking the screen that made my day. The Mom's smoochies were nice too. Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Fenris

  5. Hello handsome Fenris, we all love your mustache! Hey, ladies, you look so stunning in your hats!!!

  6. Hummmmmmmm Ciara licked the pooter screen???? Valentine's Day IS coming. I'm just sayin. hehehehe

  7. Thanks for giving us the scoop on Artemisia and Scylla, Fenris.

    Our mama would love to plant lotza smoochies on your cute lil' ol' snoot, Fenris. In fact, our mama has always been very taken with you, and wants you to be sure and check your blog this coming Wednesday, as we have a little gift for you then.

    Love to all of you and have a happy weekend.

  8. You are so cute! You have a great mustache!!!

  9. We love the kitties hats. They look very beautiful. Fenris, you look very handsome with the moustache. Consider yourself kissed from us!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. We think that everything about you is cute, Fenris!

    Thanks for the overview of which MM categories your kitties would fit into. Very interesting... Tama would definitely be a Diva but I can't think what the others would be, just like I couldn't figure where I would fit in...


  11. Thanks for that run down on your siblings. Always good to hear another point of view. At least we all concur that Socks is the purrfect southern gentleman.

    Scylla and Artemisia look fantastic in those gorgeous purple hats. Sammy's and Andy's mom is just so artistic and can bring out the very best in ladycats.

  12. We just saw you lovely girls in your gorgeous finery over at Sammy & Andy's. Their mom did a good job. But she also had great models.

  13. Artemisia and Scylla are both adorable in their hats!

  14. I love those blue-grey eyes!

  15. The moustache is very debonair! And unique? Don't recall ever seeing another doggie with one.

    The pictures of your kitteh sissy's in hats are gorgeous!

    Jed & Abby


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