Thursday in the Garden

 The Camilla is still doing well and blooming.

 Daddy has been hard at work rocking up the flowerbeds around the Hummingbird Cottage.

 The roses are still doing OK.

 Carolina Jasmine is blooming, we didn't expect it to bloom this early. 

 The Roster Violet is still blooming up a storm.

Doesn't it look Gorgeous?

 The Rosemary in the Charybdis' Bed is doing well. It is so nice to see something GREEN this time of year.

 And even nicer to see something blooming.

We have been really busy with Mango Minster 2011, we likes to go visit all the new entries. The Cracker Dog category is full, and boy those Crackers are wild. They makes us tired just watching them. And Mommy was busy with her homeschool blog, something about a Carnival that we weren't invited too. We hopes to get to visit more today. Now we are off to Jonesie's for our Society of Feline Gardeners meeting.


  1. WOW! Yoor plants are doing well for the time of year. Yoor Camilla is a little ahead of ours ~ ours is in bud but there is no tinge of the pink petals below the bud yet!

    love Alfie xx

  2. I wish I had your green paws! Envious....

  3. Oh your garden is looking amazing!!! We love the camilla buds and that gorgeous roster violet! Very pretty!!

    The splashes of green on Charybdis's bed is lovely! Yay for your dad and all his efforts and good luck with your mum's other blog too!! Take care

  4. What great pictures! Spring is on the way!

  5. We are all abloom with snow here today! We are pretty excited but the Momster says she would really rather have roses. At least she has her Christmas cacti which are all flowering now, a little late, but that's OK.

    MM is quite the event - good luck to you kitties.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. And of course lots of luck to Good
    Ole Boy Fenris - we hit send too quickly.

  7. WOW! Tis the season for things to start blooming...I'm sure ready!

  8. Oh how Nice that you are able to workz in your Garden, our poor mom is jus itchin to getz outside to start doin somethin in the Garden other dan shovel.We so enjoyed wondering around your Lovely Garden ^~^ havez Fun out dere ~

  9. For winter, your garden is doing very well. The violet is very pretty.

  10. We love the Roster Violet!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Fenris!


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