Good Ol' Boys

OK, we better clear this up right off the bat. My nickname is not Bubba. Never has been never will be, but Mommy says they wrote a song about Good Ol' Boys like me and that if Daddy wasn't named Bo, that just might be my nickname (It would get awful confusing if she called me & Daddy, Bo, and he had the name first). Mommy says I remind her of this hunky blue eyed blond that jumped in and out of the General Lee, you thinks I should tell Daddy that she called another guy hunky?

I am an all American kinda guy. I loves sports. Doesn't matter to me if I am playing or watching them on TV. Here I am demonstrating my pawsome ball playing ability in a game of chase.

I am the undisputed champion of our league.

I am a really easy going sort of guy. I watch over the cats for Mommy, they gets into all sorts of mischief.

OK, now I has to confess something really embarrassing and I'll probably lose dozens of points for this. 99.5% of the time Mommy tells me I am a Good Doggie. But....................................

We was having a photo shoot. That involved tasty treats to win my cooperation.

The Mom wanted to take a few pictures of flowers and she instructed me to stay put. Now why should I stay just because some two legged creature said I should?

The Mom here: Because you didn't want the Butterfly Chair to fall on top of you and chase you around the yard.

I guess she has a point. Who knew she had chained me to the thing.

The Mom again: You did it twice Fenris once with the leather leash which you broke and once when on the chain.


Mommy is submitting the broken LEATHER leash as evidence to the contrary. I hopes I don't lose to many points due to this escapade.

We had a good laugh about it later. I guess seeing a dog being chased by a chair is pretty funny.

I spend lots of time laying down surveying my Kingdom. No need to go running around unless there is a threat to my flock (the cats).

Although I do try to stay alert.

I help Mommy with her gardening stuff to. I am very good about keeping an eye on the greenhouse.

And of course I am the very epitome of male handsomeness.

Don't you just love my tail?
And my blue eyes?

~Fenris, The Good ol' Boy


  1. You get treats for posing? you're as sharp as a cat!

  2. Thank you to visit my blog and made a lovely comment.

    : ) Mr Puddy

  3. You're such a good sport...photoshoots are fun as long as there are treats involved.:)

    Teddy Bear

  4. Beautiful and sporty and ever so handsome Fenris!! Me and Charlie are completely enthralled by your eyes!!!

    And you are just amazing! Take care

  5. When we saw Mango's category for the Good
    ole Boys, we immediately thought of you. You showed us how well you fit this category. And don't worry about the chair thing, who wants to be chased by a chair anyway?

    Woos~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. I'll try not to worry about the chair thing. Thanks for visiting everyone. ~Fenris

  7. I think you are one handsome guy and it is always great to see you!

  8. Handsome could NEVER lose points with us....unless you chased us!!!!!!!!!

    We loved your photo spread, and we hope you will have more of them in the future.

  9. You are such a handsome boy Fenris...but you are supposed to chase the chair!!!

  10. Wow! You are looking good! Nice blue eyes!

  11. Oopsie about the butterfly chair. But at least you had a good laugh about it later! :)

  12. Fenris, we all think you're a star! So does this constitute your official Mango Minster entry?


  13. Fenris, we had a little giggle about the Butterfly chair.
    Mommy says you can come over and herd all of us to your heart's content...WHAT??

    Mommy, you didn't mean that did you?

  14. Yes, this is my official Mango Minster entry, the Cats entered too. There post was suppose to be above mine, but Mommy or blogger messed up. Maybe I should make her fix it. ~Fenris

  15. You are a winner Fenris!! Love all of those pictures very much!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  16. Good job with your entry, Fenris! You most definitely are a good ol' boy, for sure! Oh, and I liked the kittehs' entry, too! Good luck to all of you!

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. I'm sorry abouts the chair chasing you. I've had a couple of 'em chase me, too. It kinda freaked me out.

  17. Fenris, thank you for making Grete's day! She had a really good laugh and then she started daydreaming of getting together with you and herding ALL of us. You can come here and do that, but you gotta leave the butterfly bench at home!

    xoxo Cory and Grete

  18. You are definitely a good ol' boy, and your justified resistance to being chained to furniture just proves it. So that's PLUS points in our opinion. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  19. Woo SO nailed it!

    Great pikhs and text to go along with them!


  20. Fenwis
    I think you awe devestatingly handsome
    Youw tail is amazing and those bloo eyes awe pools of heaven to get lost in..I think you awe a vewy vewy good (not old) dog
    smoochie kisses

  21. So handsome! And I still think a good boy becuause no bad dog would volunteer a confession! Why on earth were you tied to that contraption? You look like the kinda doggie who would have stayed put! If Moose had a butterfly chair chasing him I think he would have kept running! Nice post handsome boy!

  22. Hi Fenris!
    Through Mango, we have finally found your proper blog!!! There sure is a lot going on over there! And the image of a chair chasing you scares the bleep out of us! Good luck!
    SAmmie, Avalon and Ozzie


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