Mango Minster 2011 ~ Kittehs

Oh us cats are so excited there is a category in Mango Minster 2011 just for us. Kittehs, since we are cats we should do superb in it. And since Mango's Mom said groups were welcome we thoughts we would enter as a clowder er, we mean group. In case you don't know us we are Artemisia (aka Mouse, itty bitty kitty, PigMouse & The Butt) Artemisia has the most fur and is black & white, Socks (aka Ninja Cat & Kitty) the tabby male and Scylla (aka Cow Baby, Kitty Cow, Silly Scylla & Lovebug) the LARGE diluted Calico. For the purposes of this contest we shall be referred to as AS & S (Artemisia, Socks & Scylla) We thoughts AS & S would be easier for Mango's Mom to type. Being considerate is very important according to Mommy.

Ok, all cats know that Nip is great for inducing a meditative state. Artemisia is sniffing some pretty potent Nip here. Mommy hasn't even taken it out of it's container and we all go crazy over it. It has even led to the invention of a new game call whapping the Nip Can around like a hockey puck. We all spend lots of time meditating but Artemisia prefers to do her meditating at night so she can spend her days hunting. And we assure you Artemisia & Socks consume everything they catch. Scylla is a rather lazy hunter and we are afraid she will drag our scores down. Not only does she not eat what she catches, she usually takes it to the humans alive and they take it away from her and release it to safety. We guess you could call her the conservationist in the family.

Here Scylla is showing her disdain for the cat toy she received for Christmas. Notice she is refusing to even glance at it much less touch it with her paw. Totally ignoring the humans and their pleas for her to play with them. Her favorite toy is the roll of paper Mommy keeps in the human litter box room on a roller. She loves to shred it. We still haven't figured out why Mommy screams bloody murder when she finds the scraps of paper on the human litter box floor.
Totally ignoring the cat toy even though the humans are redoubling their efforts.
Then when they least expect it, WHAP! For those of you unfamiliar with cats we are unpredictable.

Now to Artemisia everything is a toy or a potential toy. She loves Mommy's jewelery although swatting Mommy's earrings earns her strong reprimands and we thinks she may be part dog because (gasp) she chews on Mommy shoes!!!!!!!!! And just look what she has done to our cube. It has holes in it from where she has viciously attacked it.
Don't buy that innocent look, she is Vicious.

See!!!!!!!! and don't let her small size fool you, she steals food right out of the mouths of WOLVES. Ok, it is just Fenris, but still have you seen our doggie he is HUGE compared to her.

She is humoring the humans by playing with them.

Since it was raining today Artemisia decided to stay inside and meditate on the meaning of life.

Very weighty thoughts for her pretty little head.

The Mom of course interrupted, with the flashy beast.

Socks is meditating on less weighty matters.

Artemisia mediating after inhaling to much Nip!

It started out like this.

And progressed to this.

And left her barely able to m........o...............v........e.

Ok, we don't have any pictures of this but Scylla is the most annoying of us cats. When we gets to sleep inside the house instead of the garage she wakes up at some ungodly (according to the humans) hour and DEMANDS to be petted and loved.  She also claws the weather stripping off the door DEMANDING to come inside, meows at the top of her lugs DEMANDING to go outside often five minutes apart. Sometimes she is called the IN/OUT cat, she goes in and out so frequently. She also uses Fenris' presence as an excuse to get up on the Dining Room Table, Kitchen Counters and other places she isn't suppose to be, this in spite of the fact she whaps the baby gate down and stalks into Fenris' domain. ~AS & S


  1. You three are pretty well behaved, aren't you?
    heh heh.

  2. That is our story and we are sticking to it. ~AS & S

  3. That's a really good entry for the Kitteh category of the Mango Minster!

  4. Excellent presentation, A! Nice, if un-catlike, of you to throw in a mention of the other two, but of course you do need their initials for your terrific clowder name. We wanted to see a pic of Scylla stealing food out of Fenris' mouth! Abby volunteers to let any of you try to snatch food from her mouth, but that would be deeply suicidal, so Jed recommends against. Good luck!

    Jed & Abby

  5. Actual cats need to judge you three for sure. I think we would get along very well. Good luck in Mango Minster, where the Kitteh judges look pretty stern!

  6. Our mom sayz dis is howlingly funny,? but when we does dis we getz into trouble ???? specially da paper thing in da human litterbox, she screamz too ??? Good Luck ~

  7. Good luck AS&S!!! Ya'll sure are cute!!!

  8. We are furry late in responding to your nice comments over at our place - thanks for your well wishes to Ozzie! She's doing wonderfully and even playing again! Love your MM Kitteh submission - so much personality in each kitteh - and you are all adorably cute!
    Hugs xoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie


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