Shout Out from AFSS

We wants to thank everyone that was concerned about the bad weather in our neck of the woods, and were concerned about us. It actually wasn't very bad here on the coast. As Mommy spent yesterday driving to Mobile, sitting around the campus while Eldest Boy Bean was in class and then driving him to the eye doctor she didn't see the news and was unaware of all the tornadoes around. It was overcast and windy here but nothing really bad.  It was kinda bad in the central part of the state where our Grandbeans live, but they are all fine and didn't suffer any property damage. So our family has been very blessed.

We are sending comforting purrs to those who were not so lucky.

Mommy has almost caught up on the house and yard work so we hopes to get some blog visiting done. ~AFSS


  1. Thanks for posting - we have been thinking about you and the terrible storms. Glad your family is OK too. Hope those nasty storms are gone for good.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We have been thinking of you All in dis Bad weather ,,, Sooo glad efuryone iz fine ^..^ Hope thiz iz gone and don't come back!! Efen WE had Tornadoe warning today for owr town... geeesh ^..^ but it didn't come!! Thanks Cod !! Be Safe ~ Purrz ~
    All of Us

  3. Thank goodness you are all safe!

    Please stay safe and take extra care! x

  4. I am sooooo very much glad that you and all of your family are SAFE. We still have not heard from our family who live near Blountsville, AL.

    Thanks fur letting us know that YOU were safe!


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