Tsarina Tuesday (Sleeping Beauty)

 I am very exhausted. I have been helping Mommy in the yard. Our Lantana is blooming, isn't it pretty the bees buzz around it a lot.

 The Rooster Violets are simply pawsome, they blooms all year. I love these flowers.

 The Foxgloves are magnificent. Milo and Alfie have mentioned several times how much their Mom likes them. Our Mom loves them too. We are trying to achieve a Cottage Garden look.

 The Asters, aren't they the prettiest color.

 The rosebushes and honeysuckle. Mommy had to trim off all the dead blooms on the roses and train the branches to go up the trellis. This is very tiring I has to help. My job is to meow instructions and make sure she doesn't fall off the ladder.

 It is very nerve wracking, if she falls off the ladder and gets hurt who will feed us?

 So I am sure you understand why I am exhausted.  I told Socks I was just to tired to move and that I would just sleeps in my office chair.



  1. Beautiful Artemisia! You are just so lovely and helpful snoopervising mum!! Yay!!!

    Me and Charlie love all your beautiful blooms too! The Lantana is gorgeous! We love how the petals all have different colours! Yay!!

    Hello there Socks! Have a nice long nap now, Artemisia - you deserve it!! Take care

  2. We are learning so much about the different flowers. We actually recognized the lantana today before we read what they were. You and Mom are doing a great job there, Artemisia. And yes, do be very careful that she doesn't fall off that ladder - that would be just awful.

    Hope you have a good snooze.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Your extensive gardens are such a lot of work, Artemisia, it's no wonder you're exhausted! Rest up and have sweet dreams!

  4. You have been such a help to your mum and no wonder you are tired. I shopuld have a long rest now. The flowers are gorgeous and especially the foxglove.. Hugs GJ xx

  5. You sure earned that nap sweet one!

  6. Hi Artimisia! You are very good at snoopervising because the garden looks great! We can see why you would need a nice long nap after that!!

  7. It is very pretty. And look at how lovely you look in the garden!

  8. Furry furry beaWOOtiful!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Handsome Fenris!

  9. We are wracked with anxiety thinking about your Mom tumbling off the ladder...especially if she hurt her THUMBS! Johnny is coming over with a tiny cart to take you around the yard, for when you get too tired to walk.


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