Tsarina Tuesday

 I have been getting the garden ready for the Flower Show. I hopes you are planning to come to it. Not only will you get to see our flowers but our friends have sent some wonderful flowers for the show. Our Gardenia is in full bloom it smells heavenly.

 The Butterfly Bush is looking good.

 The Purple Lantana is gorgeous.

 The bees are buzzing around the Vitex. I am happy to report they are honeybees.

 Whiskers' grave is looking good.

 The Bougainvillea

 The Black-eyed Susan Vine

 The view from the Hummingbird Cottage. 

 Blue Enchantment

 Katie Ruellia

 I is getting tired from all this gardening, I thinks I needs a break.

 I is going to find a place to hide.

 Mommy will never find me here.

 The birds and butterflies don't know I am here either. This will be a good place to ambush them from.

Mommy where did you go you has more weeding to do. You has to get our garden in shape for our guest.


  1. Wow!! GOOD LUCK at the flower show!! Me and Charlie will be with you in spirit!! We hope you have an amazingly successful day!!! Your flowers and garden are just perfect! Yay!!!

    Beautiful Artemisia!! You are doing a brilliant job snoopervising mum's gardening!! Yay!! take care

  2. Artemisia, your Mom works very hard to keep her garden looking beautifully. Maybe she needs to crawl in there with you and take a nap. The Flower Show is going to be so beautiful to see. We just know it will be perfect.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. That's a good spot Beautiful Artemisia..I don't think mommy can find you there either ; )
    The garden just look awesome, Me and mom love it

  4. You sure found a great hidey spot! The garden looks absolutely terrific!

  5. I could NOT EVEN see you in that grrrreat hiding spot.

    Your gardens always looks sooooo lovely.

    I love the BLUE flowers!! Blue is my favorite color!!

    I can hardly stand the wait fur the Flower Show!!! It is gonna be so gorgeous and will smell WONDERFUL too.

    I just hope that no buddy... "Waters" the Flowers... If you get my drift...

  6. We're looking forward to your flower show!

    As always, your gardens are so fabulous, a true labour of love. :-)

  7. OMG yoor garden is looking spectacular. Yoo have worked very hard!

  8. I hope to be there. Until that, i want to tell you that you have a great garden and beautiful flowers.

  9. We can imagine how heavenly that gardenia must smell!

    We hope you got a decent rest in your hiding spot, Your Cuteness!

    The Chans

  10. Do you need any crowd control for your garden party? Maui is good at herding Cats! Of course John will saddle up or pull your chariot, whichever you desire, Miss Mouse.

  11. Your garden looks fabulous! Ours needs more weeding!


  12. Everyone thanks for visiting us. Our Mommy is pooped today so she isn't letting us visit much. ~Arty Mouse

  13. We can't wait for the flower show. Your garden looks so great!!

  14. Good luck! You're a great hider!


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