Thursday in the Garden

Oh good, we made the meeting this week. Three paw taps right.

 Our Morning Glories are still glorious. 

 A funny little wild flower that Daddy brought home, we likes its pink color.

 The buttercup

 The Bougainvillea

 Zinnias gone wild.

There is a problem with our septic system so we may be tied up for a few days, apologies if we don't get to come by for a visit. We are headed over to Jonesie's to see what she is doing in her garden. ~AFSS


  1. Beautiful garden pics this week! Fanks for sharing. We hope yoor "tank" is fixed quickly!

  2. Wonderful floral pics and blooms!! Yay!!! Good luck with your sorting out your septic tank!! Take care

  3. Lovely garden tour, as always!

    Good luck with the septic system! One of the mom's co-workers lives out of town and they now have to replace the ENTIRE, old, crumbling system. Everything. So we hope your problem is minor!!!

  4. Such pretty, pretty flowers, I just love your garden!

  5. as always we are jealous of your garden.

    looking lovely!!!

  6. lovely flowers - stunning. Septic tank duty? Someone has to do it. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  7. Ah what a gorgeous garden you have!

  8. Thanks fur sharing the pretty pics! Purrs sent out to your septic system. We feel fur you.

  9. Gorgeous flowers in your garden thank you for the lovely tour and we wish you good luck with your septic.


  10. Ohhhh,,, Your garden lookz so Pretty ^..^
    We All Especially likez da Bougainvillea, thatz da momz favorite. Mom thinkz your funny little pink flower lookz like a Portulaca ???
    Ewwwww,,,, Good Luck wit da septic tank,hope it'z not a B I G Problem

    Purrz & Kissez ~

    btw, Ana IZ a scape artist, mom freakz when she getz owt wit owt her bell...... den da mom don't know where she iz...... hehehehe

  11. Beautiful flowers and yard, Alasandra! Love your dog photo too - how cute is that! Thanks for stopping by to visit and have a great wknd.
    Blessings, Beth


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