Bora Bora Day

Gracie was having so much fun in Bora Bora we all just had to join her. Fenris went for a nice long hike on one of the islands. He got all hot and sweaty so he stuck his paws in the water to cool off. Us cats just wanted to take things easy. MoMo (she blogs at Mieow) is really into soaking up the rays and is displaying her lovely belly for Socks' pleasure. I, Tsarina Artemisia,  is chaperoning King Brian (he blogs @ Brain's Home) and Queen Scylla.

 Fenris was thrilled when Asta decided to join him for a hike on the island. The water felt so good on his hot paws and Asta was so reassuring he even decided to wade in a wee bit further after she agreed to stay beside him.

 Charlie who blogs at Ten lives and second chances snuck out and arrived in time to join the fun. (Artemisia) I just loved the hut we were able to rent, and Scylla & Gracie  (who is hosting this great party) spent lots of time gossiping about their boyfriends.

When I heard my boyfriend Prince Casper  (of Cat's Cats) wasn't going to get to come I sent out a royal degree. I is a Tsarina so I can do that and got him and his whole family here. You can never have to many handsome mancats around is my motto. Jimmy and Archie were tired after the trip and elected to nap in the hut for awhile. Ben fell asleep on his raft and when the water got choopy he nearly fell off but my heroic Prince Casper jumped off the pier where he was sitting with me and swam out to the raft to save him. No Scylla he isn't turning the raft over to dump Ben off that would just be rude. I don't care if that is what it looks like to you. My Prince Casper wouldn't do that to his brother.

We had ever so much fun. There was tons of things to do snorkeling, swimming, hiking and lots of delicious foods to eat. Best of all lots of our friends were able to come to Bora Bora Day too. Drop by Gracie's to see everyone who showed up. ~Arty Mouse


  1. Wooo, yeah! YYaaaayyyy, we are so glad Gracie is having this Bora Bora Day! We are having tons of fun!

  2. We're texting yoo this, from Bora Bora! Fun times!

  3. Seems like no cats scared the water !!! Only me freak out and stay home ! But you guys enjoy !!! and Have a fun time in Bora Bora : )

  4. It was a great idea of Gracie's to come to Bora Bora. We are having lots of fun.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! Yay Charlie made it!! Awwww he is so happy to be able to join you all!! He absolutely loves beautiful Fenris, adorable Artemisia, gorgeous Scylla and sweet Socks!! Yay!!!! And King Brian and sweet Gracie are there too! Hooorah!

    Thank you so so so so so so much!!! Awwwww! Lovely!! I hope Charlie brings home some nice Bora Bora chocolate! Yay!!

    Take care

  6. We're partying on Bora Bora today too! There's nothing like sun, sand, surf and fresh seafood! Very fresh! :-D

  7. The fresh seafood is divine and we just loves the sunshine.

  8. So much fun in the sun...what a terrific idea! Come on Scylla, let's take a stroll on the beach!

  9. I would love to walk on the beach with you Brian, just let me find my flip flops. ~Scylla

  10. Lots of fun things to do here. Lovely weather too.

  11. My lovely Mouse, you are as generous as you are beautiful!!! Thank you for helping my brothers and I join in the fun on Bora Bora today. shall we have a nice walk on the beach followed by a few prawns???

    Love your prince,
    PS - you are correct I would never dump Ben off the raft :-)

  12. Prince Casper, our walk was lovely and the prawns are delicious. Let's find somewhere to snuggle and take a nice nap. ~Your Mouse

  13. I am having the best time and its so good to be with all our friends.. I could stay a while I think.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. We're so glad you made it to Bora Bora. We're having a blast!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  15. We are glad ya are having a wunnerful time at Bora Bora. Sadly, we couldn't quite make the trip...

  16. *woo hoo*
    Enjoy your time on Bora Bora.

  17. I had to pop over to see what this party is all about. Brain had some cool pics & tails to tell so I gots lured by him. enjoy your fun & I hope Feris is able to keep you all out of trouble if you fall into the water. enjoy~ GrammyMouse

  18. Deewest fwiends
    I love being on bowa Bowa wif all of you!
    Fenwis, youw nose is astonishing..finding those hambones (sluwp, xcoose me) they wewe amazingly delicious..I'm glad you decided to cool off a little in that bootiful clean watew, and socks it was awfully kind of you to let me snuggle and nap wif you and youw Momo sweetie
    Awtie and Scylla..Pleez take any clothes that you like fwom my luggage..I can have my seemstwess adjust them fow youw pawfect little bodies..of couwse, you look so gweat ohhh natoowal, that you weally don't need embellishment
    ..I'm off to get anothew dwinkie..anyone intewested?
    smoochie kisses

  19. We are all interested in something tall and cold.

    Scylla & Arty are having a blast trying on your clothes.

    Socks & MoMo are dancing in the moonlight. Would you care to dance with me Asta if Gussie doesn't mind? ~Fenris


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