We thought we would show you our lovely May Pop Vine, it has grown to the top of the Hummingbird Cottage and has the loveliest flowers.

Since it is Saturday we are going to take things easy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. We plan too. ~AFSS


  1. That flower is exquisite! Happy Caturday! xoxo

  2. Oh it is a beautiful complex bloom!! So perfect!! Yay!!!

    Happy Caturday to sweet Fenris, adorable Scylla, lovely Socks and divine Artemisia!! Take care

  3. What a lovely flower!

    Happy Caturday! Love ya.

    Cassy from Guitar Scales For Beginners

  4. The May Pop vine is very pretty, bet it looks great climbing up the cottage.

    We hope you have a very relaxing day, we think ours is going to get very busy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Pretty May Pop! Speaking of pretty, hello Scylla!

  6. Have a wonderful Caturday! And Fenris, too!

  7. That is a LOVELY flower! We have read that it can be invasive, though.

  8. Thanks for visiting everyone and Happy Caturday to all. We will be by to visit when we can. Mommy has been gardening.


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