Wordy Wednesday by Arty Mouse

I is having fun bunny kicking my toy.

We has been remiss in telling you about a terrific present we WON!!!!! From Cats of Wildcat Woods, way back on November 22nd. We had a good reason though, see we just knew it would be the very best Christmas present for our Daddy and we wanted it to be a surprise.

We won The Awkward Family Pet Photos book. Much better to having him get a chuckle from other cats, dogs and assorted other animals in photos then have the Mom taking awkward photos of US. 

 He couldn't wait to read it. 

 Socks watched the festivities to make sure they didn't get out of hand.

 He closely monitored the unwrapping of the presents.

 And when the beans appeared to be bored he livened things up by playing whap the bag.

I eventually came to lend a paw. Whap the bag is best played with two or more cats. ~Arty Mouse


  1. Oh whop the bag is an excellent game for sure! That book looks really funny too!

  2. Awww lovely Artemisia and gorgeous Socks!! Yay for keeping the Beans entertained with the Whapping of the Bag game! LOL!!

    Huge congrats for winning this hilarious book!! Take care

  3. Thank you everyone. ~Arty Mouse

  4. It sure looks like you had a really good ChristmaS. The paper bags are always fun to get in.Glad all of you had so much fun. Take care

  5. All games are better when you have others to Share the Fun. RIGHT?
    Super thingy fur your dad.

  6. Looks like a lovely day. We luf whap the bag!

  7. Good for you for helping play with that bag. It is always better in a group!

  8. Mommy gave a copy of that book to her Dad! It is funny, although it didn't stop Daddy from taking akward photos of US.

  9. That is a fun book! Hey,nthat bag looks like the best fun!!!

  10. Congrats on the prize, that is so cool.

    You guys are having a blast with the bag huh?

  11. We got that book too! It is SO funny. An we agree better fer the Beins to HAVE the book than want to creat their own using US!

  12. My Lily plays whop the ear at my expense
    Benny & Lily


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