Fenris Friday

Hi, I am munching on some grass.

Mommy's Wisterias are blooming.

Mommy's white and pink Verbena are blooming.

The Chinese Witch Hazel is blooming.

Mommy planted this Sweet Broom. She saw lots of it in San Diego. She had to dig it back up because we got so much rain it was drowning.

The Azalea is blooming.

The Purple Verbena are blooming, but Mommy didn't get the flowerbed weeded.

The pond is up.

Sweet peas
We didn't plant these they just grow wild here and are all over the place. Mommy has to pull them out of our Azaleas every year, they are very INVASIVE. We do like their pretty blue blooms though.

I smells something................................

I thinks a squirrel was here.

The Gold Flame Honeysuckle is blooming.

The Mums are blooming, aren't they pretty.

The white Rose is blooming.

The Carolina Jasmine is still blooming.

The Azaleas along the driveway are starting to bloom.

The Johnny Jump-Ups are blooming.

The Stevia is blooming, Mommy ate a leaf and says it taste kinda like honey.

Mommy bought a new Bougainvillaea, something started eating the leaves so she has moved it down to the Hummingbird Cottage to nurse it back to health.  ~Fenris


  1. Fenris, you show the gardens very well. Good Boy!

  2. Fenwis
    Do you thwow up when you eat gwass? I aways did..haven't eaten any fow ages though, hmmmm.
    It looks like a Spwing wondewland in youw gawden wif so many gowgoos flowews blooming
    Smoochie kisses

  3. Handsome Fenris and a beautiful garden...purrfect!

  4. Wow! What a great tour of your yard Fenris. You are a lucky do to have all of that!

  5. Sweet Fenris you are looking very handsome out there among all the beautiful blooms around your place. Thank you for the nice tour. Hugs and nose kisses

  6. Awww lovely Fenris!! You are a most handsome and thorough guide around your mum's adorable garden! Yay! Take care

  7. Lovely garden, Fenris! Hope you find that squirrel!

  8. Thanks for showing us all those pretty flowers, Fenris!

  9. Fenris you have such beautiful acreage!

    Dakota said to tell you he would LOVE to come and have a good run with you and munch on some grass with you!

  10. Thanks for visiting everyone. Dakota I can't wait for your visit. ~Fenris

  11. Efurrything looks so pretty and green! We would luf to haf a munch on sum of that grass. (we would just yak it back up) xoxo

  12. Fenris, you are one lucky pup! Yummy grass and mom's lovely garden to explore!

  13. Grass is yummy

    Stop on by for a visit


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