Mommy & Daddy got lots of FRESH air when they were in San Diego.  Here they are hiking somewhere in Anza-Borrego Desert, it was raining everywhere else. Again any help identifying the flowers wold be appreciated.

 Mommy and Daddy managed to get off the easy trail and boldly went where people didn't usually go. The view was worth all the rock climbing.


Barrel Cactus

Desert Globe Mallow?
We are unsure because of the color but are pretty sure it is some type of mallow.

 It was very peaceful and they had the trail to themselves.

 But you can see the rain clouds not far away. Julian was getting tons of rain when they passed through it on the way back to the hotel.


  1. Gorgeous vistas. Those clouds just add the neatest texture to that second to the last pic!

  2. Flower C looks like a pretty pretty cactus!! Awww lovely!! Yay for mum and dad climbing these big boulders to get some stunning views and gorgeous wild flowers too! Take care

  3. There were some beautiful views and it looked to be a wonderful place to spend time at.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Did you really say Mom and Dad were on a trail? Looks more like a lot of rocks to us:) Great fun for the two of them. Sorry, no help with the flowers.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. I love the dessert when it's overcast! I think flower C is a barrel cactus. Did you get a wild flower pamphlet at the ranger station?? (I never do; just askin').

    What a great trip you had!!

  6. Thanks for helping us identify the barrel cactus rottrover

    And thanks for visiting everyone.

  7. Flower A: Brittlebush
    Flower B: Ocotillo
    Flower D: Globe Mallow?


  8. What nice views! And interesting plants and flowers!


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