Mancat Monday

 Daddy was very thoughtful when he built the Hummingbird Cottage, he installed water bowls in the floor.

I am enjoying the nice fresh rain water out of this one. ~Socks

PS:  Marg from Marg's Pet's is celebrating her birthday today. We sure do hope she has a Happy Birthday! she goes the extra mile to make so many cats, dogs, goats and assorted other animals lives happier.

And if you drop by The Tabby Cat Club you can find out what Socks would do in certain situations. ~AFSS


  1. Oh clever daddy! yay!!! Enjoy your amazing water bowls embedded in the floor handsome Socks!! Take care

  2. Now thats what I call thoughtfful and looks pretty too.. Hugs GJ x

  3. That is pretty darn cool, those bowls of fresh water. We like that idea. Thanks so much for coming by the blog to wish our old lady a Happy Birthday. Take care.

  4. Wow, that WAS very thoughtful of your dad. We bet that water tastes great!

  5. We think rainwater has a special flavor! Enjoy it!

  6. Looking good Socks! Happy Birthday to the very special Marg! She is special to so many, but especially to us!!!

  7. I will have to give rain water a try.

    Happy Birthday Marg!


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