Scylla Sunday

 The white Wisteria is my favorite.

 I am helping Mommy garden today. She planted these Angel Trumpets that she rooted last Fall and kept in the Greenhouse all winter.

 OK, I'll look at the camera for you Mommy. I thinks I looks pretty sitting by the Rooster Violet.

 Now I am going to relax in the lounge chair while you finish weeding.

 Arty saw a lizard, I can't resist chasing them.

 Oh rats, it got away.
 I am going back to finish my nap.

If you want to watch me in a movie you can go here and here. ~Scylla

Socks, Arty Mouse, Scylla & Fenris


  1. Nice of you to help your mom in the garden !
    Me too would like to chase lizards !
    Happy Easter :)

  2. Happy Hoppy Easter my beautiful Scylla!

  3. What a great way to spend an Easter day! Happy Easter to you all!

  4. OH the Lounge Chairs... I Remember the story about those!!

    Have a Happy Easter!

  5. Awww beautiful Scylla!! Me and Charlie loved these clips of you!! Yay!!

    Have a great Easter! Take care

  6. Hoppy Easter every bunny
    Benny & Lily

  7. Happy Easter from all of us at the Katnip Lounge! Scylla, better luck next time with the lizard, they are sneaky.

  8. Looks like fun exploring. Happy Easter!

  9. How nice of you to help with the planting! I'm not sure how you were't distracted by the birds. I don't have your discipline!-Chester


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