Thursday in the Garden

Mommy what is the white stuff in with the Red Hibiscus?  Artemisia
Yes, Mommy it is me but what is the plants name? Artemisia
Mommy I thinks we are having a problem communicating. I am asking you what the plant is called I know what I am called.
The plant is called Artemisia too. It is also referred to as Dusty Miller so I guess I better call it that so I don't confuse you.
I have a plant named after ME! how cool.
Hey Socks, what are you doing?
I am admiring the Dusty Miller Mommy planted in the new planter that looks like a dead log.
Bad Mommy can't remember the name of the other two plants she planted with it, but they all look very nice together.

She even put some Dusty Miller in with the Purple Heart.

The Wisteria is so pretty when it is in bloom.

The Chinese Witch Hazel is doing well.

Mommy planted some Dusty Miller in the Charybdis Bed too. Along with a purple flower she can't remember the name of.

The Honeysuckle is blooming at the Hummingbird Cottage.

The Mums are still doing well.

The Gaura is blooming. It has even started to spread in one of the beds. We just love it.  For some reason it doesn't do as well in the bed right next to it.

For some strange reason our photographer liked the way the leaves on this tree looked.

Our cactus in the greenhouse is blooming. Mommy needs one of the guys to help here get it out.

And the garlic is ready.

Now we are off to Jonesie's to report to The Society of Feline Gardeners, do come with us. ~Artemisia & Socks


  1. Beautiful Artemisia!! Hope the plant feels very honoured being named after you! Yay! And lovely Socks - you are doing a grand job looking after the Dusty Miller!

    Awww your garden is blooming beautifully! Take care

  2. You've got a plant named after you? Ever neat! My auntie Primrose has one and so do my aunties Blossom & Snowdrop but alas, not me. sigh

  3. Now we know where you got your name! Lovely garden and you kitties are doing a good job snoopervising it!

  4. How wonderful to have a plant named after you. We have desserts named after us!

    Truffle and Brulee

  5. That is all so wiffin wonderful!

  6. We think Artemisia is a lovely plant. It is also part of the Chinese Herbal Materia Medica (but not sure if it is the same Artemisia so I would not take it).

  7. Pretty flowers! And how cool you have a plant named after you, Artemisia!

  8. That arty mesia or whatever is so pretty. We love your garden
    Benny & Lily

  9. Wow, yer garden is just exploding with growth an flowers! We dont have ANNYTHING bloomin right now ecept fer the pansies...

  10. Look at all your beautiful flowers! Arty, how cool is that that one of our star members of the Society of Feline Gardeners has a plant named after her!!! I'm still waiting for a plant to be named after me. Sigh.

    You go girl!

    xoxo Jonesie


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