Butters Needs a Home

Butters needs a home, you can see more pictures of him here. He is a CREAM TABBY Male. At the moment he is an intact male, we are working very hard to change this with help from lots of our friends. He has lovely golden eyes, he is very gentle and loving and seems to be a very calm cat. Fenris' barking didn't upset him he just sat quietly.

We can not keep him. Socks chased him out into the road. Scylla screams at him, Fenris barks and growls at him and everyone except Fenris is spraying.  Very upsetting all around. He is non aggressive and does not fight back. He appears to be very young. He is currently staying with a man who feeds a feral colony, Butters is confined in a small pen until he can be neutered.  We are located on the MS Gulf Coast (Ocean Springs, MS) but will work with you to get him to your location if you are interested. Email  or leave a message for Alasandra Alawine on Facebook.


  1. Butters sounds like a dream kitty for someone. We sure hope that someone sees his pic and info and gives him a home soon.

  2. I hope Butters finds a new home real soon!

  3. We sure hope Butters can find a furever home. He sounds like a great cat!

  4. Oh TBT wishes, Butters is bootiful... But we are all balanced an he dares not change annything.


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