Thursday in The Garden

The front flower bed. The Gladiolas did good this year they stood up straight while they were blooming and didn't flop over. It helped that we didn't get heavy winds and rain during the period they were blooming.

The ornamental pepper, we just loves it's purple leaves, flowers and peppers.

The Fuchsia, it is such a cheerful plant iwth all it's colors. It doesn't like the heat though. It is starting to lose it's leaves and look sick. We hopes Mommy can keep it alive. She hasn't managed to keep a Fuchsia alive yet though, at least she isn't the only one that has trouble with it.

The Loeblia is looking great.

The Dusty Miller is thriving along with the other two plants in this container. The one with pink blooms is blooming up a storm. The other one which has coral blooms doesn't bloom that often.

The pineapple sage is blooming, usually it waits until fall so it's blooms are a surprise  to us.

The Mums, they are still blooming. They blooms in the spring and the fall here. These have actually lasted longer then normal. It is June and they are still blooming.
I am looking forward to the Candleabra Plant Blooming. It attracts all sorts of wildlife.

The Herb Bed is looking nice.

Mexican Tarragon.
Ornamental Pepper.

These Asters don't usually bloom until fall but they have been putting on a show this spring.

Butterfly Weed, it usually blooms in the fall too but it is doing very nicely this spring.

Zinnias, they reseeds themselves so we just love them.

The Red Hibiscus, it too usually waits till fall to bloom, but it was impatient this year.

The Bottlebush.
Well I thinks I showed you everything. Hopes you enjoyed it. I am headed over to Jonesie's to make my report to The Socity of Feline Gardners, do join me. ~Scylla


  1. I like that Dusty Miller, very pretty!

  2. All so beautiful, Scylla. Thanks for sharing.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Oh the Lobelia is gorgeous!! It's a cloud of beautiful blue blooms!! Yay!! take care

  4. wowwies! these is teh mostest beautyful flowers i has eber seed, you guys is SO LUCKEH.

  5. Your garden is so pretty! Our garden is almost non-existant cause we moved into a house that had been unoccupied for a year and the plants and yard weren't taken care of. My mommy is happy one of your other garden posts helped identify a plant that is coming back beautifully. It's the Gold Flame Honeysuckle. And we pray that Artymouse will come back!

  6. your garden is just peaceful and pretty

  7. Everything looks so pretty, especially you Scylla!

  8. The fuschia needs to be in a semi-shaded area since it is hot now. They are also heavy feeders.

  9. Terri, we has it in the shadiest spot we have up on the porch. It is looking better but may not be able to cope with the extremely hot summers we have.

  10. What beautiful flowers
    Benny & Lily


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