(Not) Fenris Friday ~ Duke the Wonder Dog with Fenris Reporting

Duke is a detective. Mommy didn't get to meet him when she was in Ohio but she got to meet his Mom (Ondrea Francy General Manager, Procter and Gamble Pet Care of the Americas). How Cool is that??? Duke was having a bit of difficulty training his parents so he got his pal Cesar Millan to come train them for him. 

Mommy read all of Cesar's books before she adopted me. Did I pick a smart Mom or what?
 I sure do wish Duke could fly down here and find Arty Mouse for us. 

Anyway his Mom told my Mom all about Duke's famous case., The Case of the Missing Swine.  Look out Sherlock Holmes cause not only does Duke have phenomenal powers of reasoning he has a NOSE for clues. See this is what happened..................

Missing Swine
This of course isn't just any old pig, he gets dressed up and lives in Hyde Park and unlike most pigs that would leave deposits for you to follow this concrete pig doesn't poop.  You can read all about the pignapping here. Anyway the pig's family were very upset and worried and this is where Duke comes in. Duke saw the details of the pignapping on the news and determined to find the pig. With his faithful  Dad John, playing the role of Dr. Watson, Duke put on his sleuthing cap and they sat out for a walk. Now Duke had a hunch that alcoholic beverages played a role in the disappearance of the pig and he drug lead John to the Redmoor where he nosed around in a vacant lot until he found the pig. He then had John email the pig's owner who happens to be named John too.

Duke's John
Subject: Missing pig

Hello John - just read your article - I believe I saw the pig as I was walking my dog Sunday - in the parking lot behind the Redmoor.  There is a remote lot off to the side by the grassy area - if you need more info please let me know.


(sigh) just like Watson downplayed Holmes' powers of deductive reasoning  Duke's John wasn't willing to reveal  the extent of Duke's involvement in the find "walking the dog" indeed.

It was indeed the missing pig and Duke should be a huge hero, but he is very modest and only a few of us are in the know about how the pig was really found.  His Mom is much more forthcoming about Duke's brilliance.

Hope you enjoyed The Case of the Missing Swine (A True Story). We are hoping Duke's Mom will stay in touch so I can reveal more stories to you as Duke solves more cases. ~Fenris Wolf reporting for the Canine Network.

Still no Arty Mouse we are getting very discouraged. It rained last night. We hope Mouse was somewhere safe and dry. 


  1. That is a really neat story. I also wish Duke could come over and help you find Artemis.

  2. Woof! Woof! COOL! Golden Thanks for sharing. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

  3. Duke looks like a great dog and that sure is a good story.
    We are so sad that Arty Mouse hasn't come home. But like I said, don't give up. I had a cat disappear for 3 months and she just wandered in one day. I think I told you, I have two missing, so I know how you feel. It is a horrible feeling. Take care.

  4. Thanks everyone we are trying to stay positive and hope Arty will come home soon.

  5. Fenwis
    That is soopew cool hope we heew mowe stowies fwom that famoos detective Mommi and I awe getting vewy sad that Awty Mouse hasn't come home..pway that she is safe and dwy
    smoochie kisses

  6. You did a super job of putting this post together Fenris.
    I wish Arty would come home.

  7. Any of your local radio stations broadcast missing pet alerts? A newspaper ad about Arty?

    Great story about Duke finding the missing pig :)

  8. We are still purring and purring for Arty to come home!

  9. we have ad's in both the local newspapers and on Craigslist. We will look into radio today. Thanks for the suggestion. ~Fenris

  10. Is there a Pet Finder in your area? They are experts at finding lost cats.

  11. They are like Pet Dectitives. I first read about them in Good Housekeeping a few years ago. It is a serious business and they have an pretty good rate of return. I have read about that type of service several times. Let me Google and I'll be back.

    And I know the anxiety and fears and sorrow you're going thru..believe me. xoxo

  12. Cool story, as usual!
    We are so sad that Arty Mouse was in the rain. We is purring very hard fur her!

  13. Love your pig story!

    Where on earth is that naughty Arty Mouse? We purring she comes home today.

  14. What a cool story! Duke is quite a detective.

    We continue to purr furry hard that Artemis comes home safe and sound. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy

  15. How exciting! We love Mr Cesar
    Benny & Lily


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