Yakking ~ Behind the Paw 2012 Day 2 Second Stop

On our way to the Leipsic Manufacturing Plant. While on the bus Dr Amy Dicke discussed animal nutrition with us.

Dr. Dicke received her Bachelor of Science degree in Dairy Science in 1979 and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1983 from Ohio State University. After graduating, she worked for 15 years in a general private practice in Southern Ohio. Dr. Dicke joined The Iams Company/P&G Pet Care as a technical services veterinarian in 1998. She is technical advisor for the Consumer Relations team covering the United States and Canada.

I feel I learned a lot. 

A good diet needs
  1. Protein
  2. Fat
  3. Carbohydrates
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals
  6. Water
Carbohydrates make dry foods tasty and crunchy. Choosing a diet containing corn and/or grain sorghum can help promote healthy starch metabolism and weight control.


Scylla is overweight, so I have been feeding her IAMS® Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Proactive Health.

 I learned that cats lose weight very slowly if she loses a pound a month she is doing good and I shouldn't get discouraged. While I am not sure she has lost any weight yet (it can take up to six weeks and I have just been using the diet food for 4) I have noticed she is much more active and appears healthier and happier. She also isn't asking for more food, so I know that she feels full after eating this even though she is getting less food (I am following the guidelines for weight loss they also have guidelines for weight maintenance on the package).  I'll be taking her to the vet soon to have her weighed.

Many of you know that after the Pet Food Recall of 2007 and losing Whiskers to kidney failure as a result. I have been feeding a rotating diet, so that if a food I feed is on a recall list heaven forbid I can easily switch to another one. Many of you remember how frustrating it was trying to get a cat that was used to eating a food that was on the recall list to switch to a brand that wasn't on the recall list. In fact most of the time when you switch pet food they suggest mixing the old food with the new to get the pet used to it. But of course if the old food is on a recall list you aren't willing to do that. After touring the IAMS® & Eukanuba plant and seeing how they test the ingredients even the water for safety and how clean it was I intend to stick with IAMS® Indoor Weight & Hairball Care until Scylla loses all the weight she needs too. The majority of the ingredients come from AMERICA, lamb is imported from New Zealand and Kangaroo is imported from Australia. Unfortunately vitamins and minerals usually have to be purchased from an Asian Country (sorry they were not more specific about which country, I am assuming because different vitamins and minerals come from different countries).  

Iams and Eukanuba use beet pulps for fiber.

What Is Beet Pulp? Beet pulp is the material which remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets – not red beets. Beet pulp is a source of fiber in dog and cat diets.

 Beet pulp is a fermentable fiber which provides bulk to move waste and provide energy for cells lining the intestine.

Prebiotics are complex sugars that serve as nutritional basis for probiotics. These complex sugars are not broken down by the normal digestive process and are also defined as "nondigestible fiber". Added to the diet they increase the chances of beneficial bacteria growing and thriving in the intestine. In dog food, the most common ones used are beet pulp (in moderate amounts, otherwise it's just a filler!) and chicory root extract. ~The Dog Food Project

I was talking with someone about their cat needing dental care and suggested they feed dry cat food., I was quickly informed that dry food doesn't have any dental benefits. This isn't true at least in regard to IAMS® Dog Food their Daily Dental Care,  has a special kibble coating that helps reduce tartar buildup for better oral health. All their adult dog foods have the special kibble coating, I am not sure about their cat food (I have made a note to look into that as it is something I would really like in a dry cat food. I will get back to you when I have the answer). They also have Iams® Tartar Treats™ for dogs.
 Every wonder who is responsible for regulating the sell of animal feeds and drugs? 

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is a voluntary membership association of local, state and federal agencies charged by law to regulate the sale and distribution of animal feeds and animal drug remedies.  They establish standards or models for regulations aimed at ensuring that manufacturers provide clear, accurate, and consistent information about animal feed, including pet food,. a large number of state governments have adopted AAFCO pet food model regulations into state law.

 One of the things I think that is also important besides where the ingredients come from is where they are manufactured. IAMS® and Eukanuba dry dog and cat food are produced by a plant owned by the company. Their canned foods are manufactured at an outside facility due to the special equipment needed to make canned foods and the cost involved. I was assured that P&G Staff frequently visit the factories to insure their guidelines and requirements are being observed. P&G also own Natura Pet.

I unfortunately can not find an up to date list of who manufactures what but The Pet Food List can provide a starting point, it was last updated in May 2007.

We weren't allowed to take pictures at the plant and we had to wear safety glasses, ear plugs, hair nets and hard hats and remove all jewelry (I have to admit I felt naked without my jewelry) but I want to assure you the atmosphere at the plant was very positive. All the employees took pride in their jobs and seemed very committed to making a quality product. If a bag was dropped on the floor (which was very clean) they discarded it for recycling. We also had to wear booties on our shoes in certain areas and were constantly having to wash our hands and go through a foot bath for our shoes to prevent contamination when we left one area for another. They obviously take every precaution to keep the food from being contaminated and keep it safe.

We meet the majority of the people in this video. Yes, they all really do work there. Riley's Mom, Rhonda was my tour guide and she was just as enthusiastic in person as she is in the video. 

 Did you ever wonder where the name Eukanuba came from?  Which after much practice I can now pronounce. It was rather embarrassing to be touring the factory where Eukanuba was made and not be able to say the name although I have to admit the E still trips me up when I am not looking at the word.  Well here is your answer...............

THE HISTORY OF EUKANUBA - WHAT'S IN A NAME? In the 1940s, jazz was evolving, and with it, its own unique language. Eukanuba ("You-Kan-Noo-Bah") was one word that grew out of the jazz culture. It was reserved for something that was "the tops" or "supreme" — whether it was the latest song or a fast car.In 1969, the founder of Eukanuba was looking for a memorable name for his new dog food formula. The quality of his food was unmatched; now all he needed was a name that was just as special. He named the product Eukanuba. And so the history of Eukanuba began. 

Fenris was able to take the Eukanuba 28 Day Challenge awhile back and we do agree the food is "supreme" unfortunately it is not carried locally and the price is a little out of our reach to feed on a regular basis. I do intend to get him another bag for his birthday every year.

Wordy Wednesday ~ Behind the Paw 2012 Day 2 First Stop Followup

Laura and Taffeta Rose asked if the cats at the Pet Health & Nutrition Center in Lewisburg, Ohio got any human interaction at all. Yes, they do but the humans they come in contact with have to take showers and wear special clothing and follow a specific protocol so that they do not bring germs into contact with the cats.   Unfortunately it was impractical to have us follow the protocol so we could play with the cats.  I thought I would answer the question here as I am sure many others wondered the same thing.

No news on Arty, she is still MIA. 


  1. That is some good information about the ingredients in Iams food. I used to feed all my horses beet pulp. It is very good for them.
    I wanted to tell you that one of my cats, Tees, came home this morning and he has been gone for two months, so don't give up on Arty Mouse. We are sending tons more purrs to her to get herself home.

  2. I'm SURE that Mr. Chewy carries all the EUKANUBA brands... and they can be delivered Right to your door!!!

    I like all of the Eukanuba thingys that I have had.

    My mom wishes that she had known that you would be so close.. she would have LOVED to MEET YOUR mom while she was here.

  3. Thank you for sharing such informative facts about food. Mom Paula is in the process of changing us over to adult cat food. We still have half of a bag of kitten food, so we're eating it. We've tried Wellness, Weruva, Merrick, Royal Canin, and Iams so far. Our favorites are the chicken/turkey/duck flavors of Wellness, Weruva and Merrick.

    We're purring every day for Arty to come home.

    Truffle and Brulee

  4. Oh we are constantly purring for Arty. Unfortunately Iams has never met the Woman's requirements for organic human quality foods with no chemical additives and now she is raising them as she is probably going to start switching us to a food that is locally sourced, organic, human quality. I guess if she wants to be able to eat our food if she gets hungry. I'd love to see her try...

  5. Yes, actually I should make the woman grow me my own food....

  6. Lots of very interesting imformation there. Looks like you had a good timee finding it all out too. I am so purring for arty and keep hoping there will be good news and that she has come home.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. Great info! We are missin Arty. Purrayin hard fur her safe return. xoxoxox

  8. interesting stuff, thanks
    Benny & Lily

  9. That was all very interesting information. I hope that Arty Mouse comes home very soon. Herman and Spyro are purring hard for her.


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